Your musical inspirations?

tom waits, nick cave, chopin, alberto iglesias, kronos quartet, esquivel, theodor bikel, kaizers orchestra, paolo conte, russian poets – blok / tyutchev / esenin, KEITH RICHARDS

Favorite Cds, Songs or musicians?

hazmat modine ‘bahamut’, devendra banhart, visotsky, martha wainwright, shostakovich, taraf de haidouks, legendary shackshakers, trumpeter avishai cohen, killing joke, yuri bashmet, radu lupu,

Has music helped you through a difficult time?

When I pick up the violin or sit down at the piano, it seems like the rest of the world evaporates. That’s therapy money can’t buy!!

Thoughts on Music and Healing-

Music is soul-food of the most nourishing kind. Deeply entwined with our well-being at every focuses the mind, focuses the energy… with astonishing results.


Sophie Solomon's voice is her violin. Whether she's performing with the LSO or playing with acclaimed fusion band Oi Va Voi, her music is a thrilling combination of technique and passion that refuses to be confined by the conventional parameters of the instrument.

"When I play, the violin is like an extension of my body," she says. "I'm not thinking about anything else. I don't completely understand what happens but it's definitely as if the spirit takes over."

Her unique musical vision reaches its full flowering on her self-composed Decca debut solo album 'Poison Sweet Madeira', an audacious mix of different styles and influences given purpose and unity by her extraordinary violin playing.

It's a record that defies categorisation as classical influences collide gloriously with world music flavours drawn from Russia, eastern Europe, north Africa, gypsy music, tango and klezmer to create a vibrant musical portrait of one of the most adventurous artists of our time.

Sophie Solomon began playing the violin at the age of two. At four she met Yehudi Menuhin and was taken to see the great cellist Rostropovich. For the first five years she played totally by ear, learning to read music at the age of seven. The violin was her life.

She often exasperated her teachers by her inability to sit still and her exuberant habit of jumping up from her seat when excited by the music she was playing, but was gifted enough to rise rapidly through the National Children's Orchestra and ProCorda to become one of the most promising violinists of her generation. Yet by the age of 16 she had come to realise that there was a wider world of music waiting to be discovered. "I'm very passionate about classical music, but I was never completely satisfied by the classical world alone," she says. "I felt constrained by the fact that the music was written down and the strict parameters of the repertoire. I felt I had to step outside of that and find my own voice."

While studying History and Russian at Oxford University, Sophie not only DJed drum'n'bass, but also developed a passion for other kinds of music such as Russian, klezmer, East European and gypsy styles. Three generations back her father's family had been Jewish immigrants from Poland and Lithuania, and a year spent living in Russia, was a life-changing experience. She also travelled widely in Poland and Eastern Europe, absorbing new sounds and influences along the way.

Sophie's experiences led in 1999 to her becoming a founder member of Oi Va Voi, "one of the most exciting bands in Britain today" (Daily Telegraph). "With Oi Va Voi I came back to the violin on my own terms," she says. "...It was liberating because I had the technique but felt I'd lost the constraints that classical training imposes."

Famed for their live appearances and Sophie's on-stage pyrotechnics (one critic dubbed her 'the Keith Richards of the violin'), the band's debut album Laughter Through Tears received rave reviews, was voted in the top 10 albums of 2004 by the New York Times, and won them two nominations in BBC Radio 3's annual awards for world music. Oi Va Voi are currently recording their second album and Sophie remains an integral part of the line-up.

Away from the band she has become increasingly in-demand, lending her violin playing to the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Heather Nova and Theodor Bikel and collaborating with Canadian hip-hop producer Socalled on the album Solomon & Socalled's HipHopKhasene (released on the German-based Piranha label) which won the German Record Critics' Award for Album of the Year 2004. She has also taught at London's School for Oriental and African Studies and is on the artistic advisory committee of the Genius of the Violin festival, the only such event in the world devoted entirely to the instrument. As part of the 2006 festival she will appear with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican and perform a specially-commissioned double violin concerto with the Yehudi Menuhin School.

A solo career which ties together her diverse musical interests was the next logical step. "I've always been fascinated and inspired by a rich tapestry of music and the solo record has given me the opportunity to explore this. There's a deep Russian influence, a North African vibe, a drunken underground Romanian late-night bar feel and a Tom Waits sleaze factor creeping in... I wanted an album that was diverse but had a cohesive voice, which is my violin."

Produced by Kevin Bacon and Jonathan Quarmby (Finley Quaye/Oi Va Voi/Ben Taylor) and Marius de Vries (Madonna/Bjork/David Gray and a host of films such as Moulin Rouge), three tracks have guest vocals. 'A Light That Never Dies' finds actor and fellow Russophile Ralph Fiennes lending his voice to words based on a poem by Russian Symbolist Alexander Bloch. 'Burnt By The Sun', sung by Richard Hawley, ex Pulp and Longpigs guitarist and now one of the most talked about artists of 2005, is "based on Stalin's favourite tango and is the first thing I learned to play on the accordion," Sophie says. 'Lazarus', which features the voice of KT Tunstall, has a dark ambiguous lyric about "a knock-on the door in the middle of the night."

The remaining tracks are not so much instrumentals as "songs without words". The classically-influenced 'Petals On A Wet Black Bough' takes its title from a quote from Ezra Pound while 'Pin Pricks' and 'Gravy Stains', the sole klezmer-based tune on the record, references a line from Tom Waits's 'The Black Rider'.

'Slavonic Fantasy' was inspired by Dvorak but takes an entirely different rhythmic approach to the original and features the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, as does Sophie's remarkable take on 'Lara's Theme', quite unlike any version of the Dr Zhivago tune ever heard before.

'Poison Sweet Madeira' and 'Holy Devil', which mixes North African and Jewish elements, are both references to Rasputin, reflecting the album's strong Russian influence. "I've been obsessed with Russia since I was about nine - It's a country where life is lived in full colour with extreme polarities of experience - from pain and suffering to the heights of exuberant passion and wildness. Musically I hope there's something of those extremes on the record.


Your musical inspirations?

Fifties Rock and Roll; The Weavers; The Kingston Trio; Bud and Travis;
J.S. Bach; Sergei Prokofiev, and Maurice Ravel to name a few.

Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

Missa Luba; The Ronnettes; Pet Sounds; Revolver……
Summertime, Summertime; Heart like a wheel; Lovin’ Feelin’; too many others..
My old man; My Brothers pipes; Zal; Allison and Union Station; Rainbow Connection…..

Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

I’d lump it together and say "Art" has pulled me out of a lot of crises. The "truth" in the art.

Your thoughts on the connection between music and healing--

The answer to that for me, is the answer to number 3.

Jerry Yester Bio/Timeline

1960 The Yester Bros.
1961 The Inn Group
1962 The Inn Group joins The New Christy Minstrels
         Travis Edmonson "Travis on his own" (Guitar, Banjo & voc.)
         Jerry meets Judy Henske
         "The Easy Riders"
         "Joyce James, and Ernie Sheldon" (Guitar and Banjo)
         "Les Baxter's Balladeers"
1963 Jerry joins join the Modern Folk Quartet
         "Palm Springs Weekend" MFQ sings "Ox driver" on camera
         MFQ moves to New York
         Jerry and Judy get married
         Cross Country Hootenanny tour
1964 MFQ-"Changes"
         MFQ rents motel room on the road to watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan
         Erik Jacobsen early productions: Oh Susannah / Tom Dooley (w / Zal
         Yanovsky; Jerry Yester; Cass Elliot; Jim Hendricks and Henry Diltz)
         Pooh and the Hephalumps (John Sebastian; Jerry Yester; Henry Diltz and
         Felix Pappalardi)
         -"Lady Godiva"
         Brother Jim returns from the army, visits in N.Y., then goes back to L.A. and
         helps found The Association
         MFQ produced by Don Ralke - "If all you think / Love of a Clown"
         MFQ produced by Charlie Callelo - "Every Minute of Every Day / Alright
         with me"
1965 Jerry plays Piano on Lovin' Spoonful "Do you believe in Magic"
         MFQ works the Night Owl as The Fat City Four
         MFQ moves back to L.A.
         MFQ tadpole works the Troubadour with Dewey Martin on drums:
          Lee Hazelwood walks off the bill
         MFQ meets and grabs Eddie Hoh
         MFQ works: L.A. clubs - The Action; The Trip; the Hollywood Bowl and
         College concerts
         Monkees auditions-decision to stay with MFQ
         MFQ signs with Phil Spector
         Spector produces "This could be the night"
         Diltz / Yester team of Banjo & 12 String play on L.A. sessions, including:
         Righteous Bros.-"Ebb Tide"; Bob Lind-"Elusive Butterfly of Love"
         MFQ does Clark Cortez - Cross Country and Back Tour.
         Henry Diltz buys his first camera
         MFQ books themselves into the Night Owl
         Jerry meets Marlene
1966 Back in L.A. MFQ signs with Dunhill
         Jack Nietzche produces "Night Time Girl"
         Another college tour and MFQ hangs it up until 1975
         Jerry signs with Dunhill
         Erik Jacobsen produces Jerry as Gabriel and the teenage Choir-"Tweedlee
         Dums Drive-in"Erik produces Jerry as Jerry Yester-"The Sound of Summer
         Showers / Ashes have turned"
         "I can /Live without You / The Garden of Imagining"; "She moved through
         the Fair"(first string arr.).
         Rita Martinson demo - "The Rains" : 1st Jerry production
         Judy Henske single - Day to Day: 2nd Jerry production
         Monkees "Headquarters" session work: Bass & vocal
         The Association "Renaissance" production
         The Turtles "Me about You" String and Horns arrangement
1967 Tim Buckley - "Goodbye and Hello" Production and arrangements. Jerry
         meets Larry Beckett
         Gwendolyn Jean Reed is born
         Jerry joins The Lovin' Spoonful, replacing Zal Yanovsky; moves to N.Y.
         The Lovin' Spoonful - "Everything Playing" group member, co-producer
         The Lovin' Spoonful - The Ed Sullivan Show
1968 Kate Yester is born
         Zal Yanovsky - "Alive and Well in Argentina" Co-Production, and
         arrangements: 1st Hairshirt Production
         The Lovin' Spoonful records "Never Going Back": Chip Douglas producing,
         Red Rhodes on Steel
         The Lovin' Spoonful hangs it up until 1991
         Move back to L.A.
         Tim Dawe - "Penrod" Production and arrangements
1969 Judy and Jerry begin work on "Farewell Aldebaran", call Zal who comes to
         L.A. for Hairshirt Reunion
         Pat Boone "Departure" 3rd Hairshirt Production
         Tim Buckley - "Happy Sad" 4th Hairshirt Production
         "The Fifth Ave Band" 5th and last Hairshirt Production
         The Turtles "Shell Shock" Production and arrangements
1970 Rosebud is formed: Judy Henske; Jerry Yester; Craig Doerge; John Seiter
         and David Vaught
         "Rosebud" is recorded: Production and arrangements
1971 Russ Giguere - "Hexagram" vocal arrangements
         "Rosebud" is released, and the band begins working in performance
         After intense year and a half, Rosebud disbands, Judy and Jerry separate
         and divorce
         Jerry begins writing with Larry Beckett
1972 Jac Holzman asks Jerry to produce Aztec II Step for Elektra. Jerry goes to
         N.Y. to meet them and plan LP
         First day in N.Y. Jerry goes with Aztec to Jackson Brown's press party at the
         Bitter End, and renews friendship with Marlene who is working there
         After a week, back to L.A. (with Marlene) to do Aztec II Step
         Rob Reiner "Peter and the Wolf": Arrangement and Conducting
         Tom Waits "Closing Time" Production and arrangements
         Billy Mernit "Special Delivery" Production and arrangements
1973 Jerry joins The Association, doing lots of touring.
         Bob Klimes calls to ask for help producing Spike Janson and as a result
         Jerry meets Thorne Nogar, and is introduced to ANNEX RECORDERS and
         begins engineering
1974 Spike Janson "Windowpanes" is completed
         Jerry and The Association part company
         Freelance engineer at ANNEX RECORDERS from '74 through '84
1975 Spanky and Our Gang "Change" String and vocal arrangements
         Cyrus Faryar visits L.A. from Hawaii, and in a wonderful co-incidence, The
         MFQ is reunited
         MFQ begins working local L.A. clubs doing old 40's standards and other
         oddly assorted material.
         Jerry and Marlene get married.
         Lena Beckett Yester is born
1976 MFQ plays Kahala Hilton in Honolulu, and then the Eugenio "C" of the
         Costa Line from Honolulu to L.A.
         "Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart" Guitar on sessions
         Tats Yamashita "Circus Town" vocal arrangements on the L.A. side
         Tom Waits "Small Change" String arrangements
1977 Brenda and Brian Russell "Supersonic Lover" String and Horns
         String arranger in the "Jay Lewis Demo Factory"
         MFQ begins working with Dave Guard
1978 MFQ plays the Maui Bluebird, and then the Eugenio "C" of the Costa line
         from Honolulu to San Francisco
         MFQ does show at the Ice House with Dennis Dreith's Big Band
         MFQ retires again
1979 Danny O'Keefe "Global Blues" Strings and Horns on "Living in the Modern
         The Manhattan Transfer vocal arrangement on "Buy and Sell"
         Jerry works on staff at ANNEX RECORDERS
         "Walter Wanderley" for GNP records - engineering
1980 Tom Waits "Heart attack and Vine" String arrangements
         The Association reforms. Jerry does vocal arrangements
         Queen Ida for GNP records - engineering
         Jerry begins working with Orlando Lopez - "Mazacote y orquesta" and
         between '80 and '84 do seven albums together
         Hannah Christine Yester is born
1981 "Rainbow Red Oxidizer" Engineering and co-production
         Myron Floren "Polka's Greatest" - Engineer
         The Association records "Across the Persian Gulf" - Beckett / Yester
         adaptation of a Bach Chorale (Aus Meines Herzens Grunde)
         Back to freelance at ANNEX
1982 Begin work on "Just like the Big Time...only smaller" with Don Heffington;
         Peter Klimes; Henry Diltz; Jim Yester; Bill Berg and Andrew Hare
         "Queen Ida Live" - Mix
1983 Back to Staff at ANNEX
         Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart - "TV Show" Engineer - Studio and Sound
         "Just like the Big Time...only smaller" is finished
         Move to Hilo, Hawaii
         MFQ "Moonlight Serenade" album for Homecoming Records is recorded
         Begin MIDI education
         Work as a solo in Hilo
1985 MFQ does "Television Parts" episode for Mike Nesmith
         Brother Jim moves to Hilo
         Jim and Jerry join with Rainbow Rastasan to form The Rainbow Connection
         who from '85 to '89 are Hilo's Premier dance band.
1985 Rainbow Connection
1986          "          and Continuing MIDI education
1987          "                              "
1988 Doreen Baptiste "Christmas in Hawaii" Co-Produced and arranged with
         Moon Brown
         Brother Jim joins MFQ to make it a quintet
         MFQ tour of Japan
1989 MFQ Live album from Japan
         MFQ opens STUDIO NARUKA in Hilo.
         MFQ begins work on "Bamboo Saloon"
1990 MFQ does tour of Japan to promote "Bamboo Saloon"
         MFQ begins work on Christmas album
         Jerry and Family moves to Portland, Oregon
         MFQ Christmas album released
1991 MFQ begins begins work on "Wolfgang"
         Freelance engineering and arranging in Portland
         MFQ "Wolfgang" released
         The Lovin' Spoonful reunites. Joe Butler, Steve Boone, Jerry Yester and Jim
         Lovin' Spoonful first gigs in Kichener, Ontario and Athens, Greece
1992 Lovin' Spoonful touring
         Freelancing in Portland
1993 Jim leaves Spoonful: replaced by Lena Beckett (Yester)
1994 Lovin' Spoonful touring
         Jerry and family move to Harrison, Arkansas
         Jerry meets and starts playing with The Mountain Melody Makers (Banjo,
         Mandolin and Guitar)
1995 Lovin' Spoonful touring
1996          "
         Mike Arturi joins The Lovin' Spoonful
1997 Lovin' Spoonful touring
1998          "
         WILLOW SOUND opens in basement
                  "          local projects
         Mike Ireland & Holler - String arrangements
         Tom Freund "North American Long Weekend" - String Arrangements
         Grandson Ben Beyer is born
1999 Lovin' Spoonful touring
         Karen Coolidge "Pass it on" - Production, Arranging and Engineering
         Dennis Lee "Little Church in the Valley" Engineering
         The Lovin' Spoonful "Live at the Hotel Seville" - Production & engineering
         Jerry meets Gavin Coyle
2000 Lovin' Spoonful touring
         Work begins on Gavin Coyle's "Half a Chance"
         Dennis Lee "Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes" - Engineering and Bass
         Forq "Forq Chops" - Production and Engineering
         Lena leaves The Lovin' Spoonful
         Phillip Smith joins The Lovin' Spoonful
2001 Lovin' Spoonful touring
         Grey DeLisle recordings - String Arrangements
         Gavin Coyle - work continues on "Half a Chance"
         The Syrups recordings - String arrangements
2002 Lovin' Spoonful touring
         Gavin Coyle "Half a Chance" completed
         Grey DeLisle recordings - String arrangements
         Mike Ireland & Holler recordings - String arranging and conducting
         Swing Shift "Straight no Chaser" - Engineering


* Your musical inspirations?

As a young songwriter, my biggest inspirations were Mickey Newbury and Jesse Winchester. Other important inspirations include Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen and Gram Parsons, and there are many others.

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

artists: Beatles, Band, Van Morrison, Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchellalbums: Joni Mitchell -- Blue; Patti Griffin -- Flaming Red; Van Morrison -- Beautiful Vision; Ray Charles -- Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music; Emmylou Harris -- Bluebird; Pierce Pettis -- State of Grace

* Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

Yes, without question, especially my teenage years.

* Your thoughts on the connection between music and healing

About 15 years ago I was down and out, having lost a record deal and a wife at the same time, and a friend said to me,"Tom, don't be down.  Remember, it's not about the music business; it's about the music." And I blurted out without thinking, "No, it's not even about the music. It's about what the music is about."  I surprised myself by saying that, but it has stuck with me. Music is a shortcut to the soul. With music, healing happens from the neck down, so the faulty stories we have adapted to interpret (and protect ourselves from) our pain are circumvented. Locked energies are loosened, and we can better sense and appreciate our deep feelings and our heart's longing for connection, peace and freedom.

Tom Kimmel BIO

Tom Kimmel is one of those unique
singer-songwriters whose heartfelt artistry with words and music is both genre-crossing and timeless. Since 1980, when his songs were recorded by Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman (of Byrds fame) and Levon Helm (of The Band), dozens of his compositions have been covered by a host of major artists including Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Shawn Colvin, Waylon Jennings, the Stray Cats, Randy Travis and the Spinners.

Despite his success as a songwriter, Tom has always been a performer first, connecting as deeply with his audiences as he does with his songs. Once an eclectic rock and roller, Tom found his voice as a singer-songwriter while opening Nanci Griffith’s 1991-92 world tour. A New Folk winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival in ’93, he began performing as a solo act, stressing a lean, acoustic-centered approach to his music and bringing a poignant and humorous spirit to his poetry and storytelling.

Tom’s peers have joined critics in commending the Alabama native's unadorned stylings as uniquely soulful. Irish songstress Maura O’Connell, who has recorded haunting versions of Tom’s The Blue Train and Poetic Justice, says, "Tom is an incredible songwriter... And he seems to be getting better as the years go on." Crow Johnson, former ZMN publisher, calls Tom a "singer’s singer, writer’s writer." And according to The Nashville Scene, "Tom Kimmel's moody textured songwriting reaches into soulful realms that few Music Row pros enter."

After releasing two critically praised major label albums (in ’87 and ’90), Tom made his first independent album in 1994. Bones, a collection of live recordings, was followed by Short Stories, which featured guest performances by Emmylou Harris, The Fairfield Four, Gillian Welch, Jerry Douglas and other friends. Shallow Water, released in 2002, is a collection of spirit-infused songs and hymns, and Tom's latest album, Light of Day, features vibrant, spare voice-and-guitar recordings written and produced by Tom in his home studio. A volume of poetry, The Sweetest & the Meanest, will be published in the fall of 2005.

Featured in motion pictures such as Runaway Bride, Serendipity, and Twins, and in television shows as varied as Captain Kangaroo, Miami Vice and Touched By An Angel, recordings of Tom’s compositions have sold millions of copies around the world, achieving gold and platinum sales in many countries.

An avid whitewater enthusiast, Tom has kayaked through the Grand Canyon, in the remote Himalayan kingdoms of Bhutan and Nepal, and in the mountains of Costa Rica, Mexico and France.

A graduate of the University of Alabama, he was born in Memphis and raised in rural south Alabama. Along with his artistic endeavors he is a long time student of Siddha Yoga Meditation and is a Practitioner of Yoga for the Emotional Body, a spirit-centered therapy.


* Your musical inspirations?

To be able to support myself solely from my music and hopefully touch or inspire someone along the way.

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

I listen and like a wide variety of music . Sting, Beatles, Springsteen, Sheryl Crow,  Motion City Soundtrack. I love songs "Born To Run" and "Maybe I'm Amazed" as well as "Are You Gonna Be My Girl " by Jet.

 * Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

Yes. Many times. My song, “Stranger in My House,”  reflects the betrayal of parental violence, the accompanying loss of one’s spirit and the regaining of one’s soul, through music.   You  can listen at my site for free.

  * Your thoughts on the connection between music and healing--

I have worked on projects like “Love Your Neighbor,” a Miami grass roots campaign for which I wrote the theme song, and did a workshop at the University of Miami, that demonstrated the powerful therapy that music provides.


Performing and Publishing

Memorable pop-rock tunes, soulful vocals, wailing slide guitar, and riveting live performances are Billy Livesay's signature. A respected member of the music community, Billy has forged a national career which includes:

*the licensing of 21 of his songs to an MTV series, and a publishing deal with Kid Gloves Music and Transition Music.

*Billy's has placed songs on the NBC movies of the week, "Mathew Sheppard Story", "Death of A Cheerleader",and "Beauty's Revenge", which all still air regularly.

*His songs appeared in the weekly series "Robin's Hoods" and “Doogie Howser” as well as the HBO movie, "Back To Even", and the Fox show "King of the Hill".

*In the spring of 2005, Billy, had songs placed in the motion picture "Madison" starring Jim Caviezel and the WB show "One Tree Hill".

Billy and The Temple Of Soul

In the spring of 1998, Billy’s manager got the news that E Streeter Clarence Clemons was looking for a band. The Livesays auditioned that night, and Billy got the job, playing lead guitar and sharing the singing duties in the Clarence Clemons Band (now called The Temple Of Soul). The Temple Of Soul have earned a reputation for their ardent live performances and their special guests, including “The Boss” himself and Little Steven.  The Temple Of Soul were featured as the "house" band for the 2000 and 2001 ESPY Awards on ESPN! A four show run at Asbury Park's famous "Stone Pony"  was recorded live in September 2001. The release date was November 5, 2001 and entitled, "Live In Asbury Park, Volume 1". "Live in Asbury Park, Volume 2" was released in January of 2004, featuring Bruce Springsteen.

The Livesays Meantime, Billy, John, new bass player Tommy Hall, and drummer Eddie Zyne stay busy with The Livesays, a band well-known for their unforgettable pop-rock tunes.

The Livesays have an active presence on the web, selling their 12 song CD, “Little Bit of Hurt.” Billy is currenly recording The Livesay's new CD featuing all new songs. The group has opened for Wynona Judd, The Pistoleros, Billie Meyers and Edwin McCain.

 Why The Music Matters Billy’s tough childhood in Hialeah, Florida has been the inspiration for his work on projects like “Love Your Neighbor,” a Miami grass roots campaign for which Billy wrote the theme song, and for his workshops at the University of Miami, that demonstrate the powerful therapy that music provides. 

Billy’s new song, “Stranger in My House,” reflects the betrayal of parental violence, the accompanying loss of one’s spirit and the regaining of one’s soul, through music.


- Musical inspirations:

George Gershwin (composer)
Jimmy Smith (organ)
King Curtis (sax)
Chuck Rainey (bass)
Don Covay (producer and songwriter)
Ravi Shankar (sitar)
Dr. John a.k.a. Mac Rebennack (keyboards and voc)
Ramsey Lewis (piano)
Otis Spann (piano)
Paul Griffin (keyboards)
Ray Charles (keyboards and voc)
Sam Cooke (voc)
Aretha Franklin (voc)
Bernard Purdie (drums)
John Mayall (harmonica)
Don "Sugarcane" Harris (violin)
...and many more  :-)

please refer to

- Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

just too numerous to mention - there's so much to learn (and enjoy) from so many musical places

- Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

Yes - in fact, it got me away from home early!


Elliott Randall's illustrious career has encompassed a wide and varied cross-section of World Musical forms. These include: record production, composition, electronic research and development, lectures and teaching, and of course, a legendary contribution to popular guitar performance and recording.

His guitar solos on Steely Dan's "Reelin' In The Years" and "Fame" (the motion picture) have entered Rock history annals.

Elliott has recorded and performed with artists as diverse as The Doobie Brothers, Carly Simon, Seatrain, The Blues Brothers, Carl Wilson, Peter Wolf, Peter Frampton, James Galway, Richie Havens, The Rochester Philharmonic and The American Symphony Orchestra, among many others. In addition, he is a favourite of esteemed songwriters Jimmy Webb, George David Weiss, Don Covay and the greatly missed Laura Nyro. Other credits include: music consultant for NBC Saturday Night Live and Oliver Stone, and projects with producers Gary Katz, David Kershenbaum, Steve Lillywhite, Eddie Kramer and Jerry Wexler.

In addition to artistic projects, Elliott has also played, produced and composed myriad advertisements (jingles) for television, radio and cinema, for clients including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Miller Beer, Budweiser, Cadillac, Ford, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, CitiBank, General Mills, Nabisco, Proctor & Gamble, MTV, ESPN, CBS, ABC, BBC-TV and countless others.

Cutting edge technologies: Since the advent of midi in the early 80s, Elliott has worked as independent consultant for a wide range of companies, including Akai, Roland, Korg and Yamaha, in the areas of musical instrument and amplifier development, recording & sampling technology, software design, and education.

Current projects include recording and production, as well as consultancy on streaming Internet content. Elliott is currently recording a new CD in London, New York, and Ireland which blends together Celtic, Afro-Cuban and other global musical influences.  He continues to rack up air miles, recording and playing out with his London-based "Posse" and his NYC-based "Randall's Rangers".

Elliott Randall has recorded and performed with: Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Asia, Ashford and Simpson, Joan Baez, The Blues Brothers, Laura Nyro, Carly Simon, Yoko Ono, Boz Scaggs, Paul Brady, Felix Cavaliere, Harry Chapin, Deodato, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Seatrain, Sha Na Na, Eternal, Roberta Flack, Peter Frampton, Ramsey Lewis, Liza Minelli, Nils Lofgren, Howard Jones, Gladys Knight, Al Kooper, Michael Kamen, James Galway, Art Garfunkel, The American Symphony Orchestra, The Rochester Philharmonic, The Sorbonne Symphony Orchestra, Albert Hammond, Richie Havens, Rupert Holmes, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Jay & the Americans, Deniece Williams, Carl Wilson, Peter Wolf, Betty Wright, Gary Barlow, David Bromberg, Elkie Brooks, Bonnie Kulok, Roberto Carlos, Nell Carter, Vicki Sue Robinson, Charro, Desmond Child, Kirsty MacColl, Tasmin Archer, David Essex, The Weathergirls, Jimmy Webb, Loudon Wainright III, John & Michelle Phillips, John Prine, Randall's Island, Raw Stylus, Martha Reeves, Tom Rush, David Sanborn, Mongo Santamaria, Scarlet Rivera, Gene Simmons, Keely Smith, Sonny Stitt, Tavares, B.J. Thomas, Voices of East Harlem, Eric Mercury, The Capris, Suzanne Ciani, Willie Colon, Don Covay, Astrud Gilberto. Steve Goodman, John Gorka, Orquesta Harlow, Pacheco, Pavlov's Dog, Lalo Shifrin, George David Weiss, Tim Rose, Peter Fish, The Persuasions...

Other musical projects include: NBC Saturday Night Live (consultant & performer 1976-1981) MTV Themes, The David Letterman Show (NBC), Jesus Christ Superstar (original 1971 B'way production). Films include: The Blues Brothers, Fame, The Doors, The Warriors, Crossover Dreams...

Elliott Randall's production clients have included: Appel & Medress, Michael Barbiero, Jeff Barry, Mike Bernicker, Charlie Callelo, Tony Camillo, Cashman & West, Bob Crewe, Ron Dante, Luther Dixon, Joel Dorn, John Hammond (Sr), Jimmy Ienner, Gary Katz, David Kershenbaum, Eddie Kramer, Steve Lillywhite, Stephen Lipson, Ralph MacDonald, Michael Manieri, Julian Mendelsohn, Jaques Morali, Jack Nietze, Andrew Loog Oldham, Elliot Scheiner, John Simon, Bill Szymcziyk, Steve Tyrell, Jerry Wexler...

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