Musical inspirations?

I am inspired to write songs by random unrelated things that spark a certain emotion or mood. I'm a very observant person. Some old man on his phone to his wife in the airport will get me in a mood and I'll write a song about something that makes me feel the same way. Certain things hit home with me and trigger past feelings or thoughts. Artists and bands that inspire me are many female fronted rock groups like Blondie, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, No Doubt, the Distillers etc. I love seeing chicks rock out better than the boys! I love the singer/songwritter chicks that are very driven like Fiona Apple and my latest discovery, Melissa Auf der Maur. I also love bands, guys or girls, that try new things and are original. When I hear any good song I am inspired to make one.

Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

I love all music from Pantera to Enya to Weezer to Propagandhi.
I could go on and on... I like something or I don't...
My taste has no boundaries in style or genre.

How has music inspired you?

Music has inspired me in so many ways. I look at the world as if I'm
looking for good topics for songs. When people talk I'm scanning what they
say for good lyrics. Music makes me wanna live my life to the fullest to be
able to write amazing songs. I think about it like, if my life were a song,
would anyone wanna listen?
Girls just wanna have fun? Sure! But some girls also wanna rock.

Meet Skye Sweetnam. She’s a girl who could be the kid next door. Like a lot of girls her age, she’s into cute boys, hip clothes, snowboarding, writing poetry and the color pink. In other words, she’s as typical as they come—except that she’s also a gifted singer and songwriter with a sparkling personality and a dynamic, high-energy stage presence. And she just loves to rock out! Noise From The Basement is her Capitol Records debut.

Skye is a true original, but she's also a worthy successor to the female rockers who came before her. Imagine the spunk of a 16-year-old Pat Benatar, add a dash of Joan Jett's in-your-face attitude and finish with a splash of Debbie Harry's earthy sexiness and you'll get the idea.  In fact, Skye breathes new, sultry life into the Blondie classic "Heart of Glass" on Noise From The Basement. Her high spirits and playful personality are also unmistakable on other tracks like “Tangled Up In Me,” the album’s sassy first single, the girl-powered anthem “Number One” and the sweetly rebellious “Billy S.,” which bowed last summer on the “How To Deal“ soundtrack and earned Skye the #1 video on Canada’s YTV. This isn’t rock through the eyes of a songwriter trying to sound young—this is pure teen spirit straight from the source.

Skye’s road to stardom began in a tiny, sub-suburb of Toronto called Bolton, (population 15,000), a really terrific place to raise a kid, but not such a cool place to be one. “Bolton doesn’t have a movie theater and the nearest mall is at least a 30- minute drive,” Skye, whose parents named her after Scotland’s Isle of Skye, explains. “I didn’t grow up hanging out at the mall. Mostly, you’d invite your friends over and entertain yourself.” 

To keep herself entertained, Skye took vocal and dance lessons. She performed in school plays. She shot self-portraits, filmed her own stop-action movies, learned guitar and piano, designed clothes, drew cartoons, and began making demo tapes of her songs at age 12.

Eventually, one of those tapes fell into the hands of James Robertson—a then 21-year-old shredder guitarist, bass player and keyboardist. Before long, the duo found themselves spending a few nights a week in the basement of James’ parents’ home experimenting and inventing new music. “I take inspiration from everything,” says Skye, who co-wrote every track on the album except the Blondie cover. “Anything that attracts my interest and is cool is good.”

Without any boundaries or rules to restrain her creativity, Skye tapped into influences as varied as rock, pop-punk, electronica and horror movie themes—sometimes in the same song. This inventive mix resulted in a signature sound that’s fresh, original, accessible and above all, totally rocking. “We weren’t forcing ourselves to write, but just looking for that cool vibe,” Skye explains. “We were playing and just being spontaneous.”

Among those spontaneous creations was “Billy S.,” an ode to William Shakespeare—sort of. It’s more about a kid faced with an early morning school bus ride, condescending teachers and a play by the boring old Bard. “You know, I don’t actually hate Shakespeare,” Skye says. “I just wrote that song one day when I was feeling rebellious and pissed off at school.”

Since coming up from the basement and being signed by Capitol Records, Skye has also had the opportunity to record a couple of songs in a studio setting—“Tangled Up In Me” (the album’s first single) and “Number One.”

“‘Tangled Up In Me’ is a quirky song about a girl who’s so caught up in herself and playing hard to get that she’s pushing away the guy she likes,” says Skye, who co-wrote the song with fellow Capitol recording artist Aslyn. Skye recorded the song at two legendary Hollywood studios—Sunset Sound and the Capitol Records studio.

“I was really used to doing stuff in the basement, using what we had, but it was a really cool experience to see how it’s done traditionally,” recalls Skye.

For “Number One,” Skye went into the studio with producer Eric Valentine (Good Charlotte, Smashmouth, Third Eye Blind). “It was awesome to work with Eric,” she says. “I love the way “Number One” turned out. To me, that song is about running away from my typical teenage life and swearing I’m going to be #1 someday.”

Clearly, Skye is well on her way. She recently opened for Britney Spears on the Onyx Hotel Tour! It’s no surprise that Skye has taken to arena stages like a fish to water. “Sometimes I’m nervous before I go on, but as soon as the music starts I’m just excited to be there,” she says. “Now it’s like oxygen—I need it to live! There’s nothing I love more than rocking out with my band.”

Skye’s also had a lot of exposure on The N, the nighttime network for teens, owned by MTV. She was tapped to sing the theme song for “Radio Free Roscoe,” The N’s edgy half-hour series about the misadventures of four high school freshmen who run an underground radio station, and made her acting debut on the show as well.

Of course, coming out into the light also means confronting the labels and comparisons to other artists. In Skye’s case, it’s often comparisons to a “complicated” young rocker who also hails from a tiny Canadian town. “I don’t care if people want to compare me to Avril Lavigne,” Skye says. “ But James and I were rocking when pop was still big and nobody had ever heard of her.”

To head off the skeptics, Skye penned a song that addressed the labeling that routinely happens in the music biz.  On “Hypocrite,” she sings: “Don’t try to label me hypocrite, I will do what I want to.” It’s a promise she means to keep. “There’s always someone who’s going to try to label you and put you in a box,” Skye says. “This song says that all that stuff is irrelevant because I’m still gonna be who I am no matter what you call me.”

So who is Skye Sweetnam? She’s a teenager who can be silly or serious, a girly-girl and a tomboy, a typical kid or a mature performer. “There’s a million sides to me,” says Skye. “Sometimes I’m feeling all mellow and shy, other times I feel like causing trouble and throwing snowballs at the band. Sometimes I miss parts of my old life—like hanging out with my friends—but I also love getting on stage and feeling that excitement and energy. My life is split between being a kid and an adult, but I think I have the best of both worlds.”

With Noise From The Basement, Skye establishes herself as that rare performer who can transcend the barriers of age, sex and musical genre to create a new and exciting sound all her own. She’s a special talent who promises to delight, surprise and rock out with her audience for years to come. “This album is a chapter in my life,” Skye concludes. “This is who I am and how I feel now, at this time in my life. My next album will go somewhere else because I’ll continue to change and grow.”



* Any CD's or songs which are meaningful to you?

Oasis, What’s the Story Morning Glory album was one of the first CD’s I bought when I was younger that I loved and played all the time

Known both on and off the stage for his incredible presence and vivacious personality, 18-year-old New York native Greg Raposo is more than ready to share his talents with the world. Greg began his climb to stardom as a member of the teen pop sensation Dream Street, whose debut CD sold over a million copies. Now setting out as a solo artist, Greg has just released his self-titled solo album, GREG RAPOSO, which showcases all of the charisma and energy that make his fans, both girls and guys alike, so enamored with him.

At the age of six, Greg picked up the guitar and hasn’t stopped playing since. He won a regional Star Search at the age of nine and has been establishing himself as a standout artist to watch ever since. Over the next few years, he was featured in more than 17 national TV commercials. Growing up, Elvis Presley was always an inspiration to Greg and he loved to perform Elvis songs. In 1997 Greg caught the attention of Priscilla Presley because his performances were so complimentary to Elvis’ music without trying to impersonate him.

Priscilla invited Greg to be the only child performer in the celebration honoring the 20th anniversary of Elvis’ death and he garnered fame around the country for his extraordinary performance. Greg’s many television appearances to date include Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live, Sally Jesse Raphael, Entertainment Tonight, All My Children, The Maury Show, and many more.

Soon Greg’s rapid success brought him to Dream Street. Being a part of this very popular group pushed Greg to another level of success, however, after a few years with Dream Street, Greg was yearning to go in a different direction musically.

Greg had been writing songs for many years and knew he was naturally suited to sing rock/pop music with a live band. So, with guitar in hand, he wrote five songs on his debut solo project. This buzz-worthy album is full of catchy, hook-laden pop/rock songs with the stand-out hit singles "Every Summer," "Take Me Back Home," "She’s Leaving" and the power-ballad "Worthless." Since his debut as a solo artist Greg has been touring non-stop. He toured this past summer on the Aaron Carter Jukebox Tour 2003, hitting all major markets across the US, and was a main artist on the Radio Disney Jingle Jam tour with Stevie Brock this winter.

Greg is currently touring with his band to continuously promote his new album. Show after show, Greg’s fan base continues to grow with his incredible live performances. Industry veterans and fans alike are mesmerized by the energy, emotion and fun that Greg brings to his show. Quite a few industry insiders are likening him as a young modern-day Bruce Springsteen. "There’s something special that happens to me when I’m on stage. The world stops and I live only in that moment. As I look around, I can feel the crowd and together we make the show happen. I’ve dedicated my life to that feeling and sharing it with the world," says Greg.

Greg Raposo is clearly a standout showman who cannot be ignored. With the release of GREG RAPOSO, it is clear to his fans and the rest of the world that this young man is only beginning to live out his dream.


Any CD's or songs which are meaningful to you?

Its amazing how sometimes a great CD can become a companion to you in times when you need it. The first Third Eye Blind CD has always had a way of romanticizing lonliness for me. Through times when my parents were going through a divorce, times when my girlfriend broke up with me, and the time our band lost a dear friend too soon, I could always turn the last half of that CD on and feel a little comforted in being alone...even familiar.

Motorcycle Driveby (which may be my favorite "driving around feeling sorry for myself" song of all time...) has become like an old friend to me, who visits when I need it the most. Some CD's are great to listen to....but some CD's are like therapy...and to me those are the great ones.

-Sebastian Davin
Welcome to a success story about to begin. What began as a pipe dream on the campus of Berklee College of Music has evolved into one of the most exciting bands to come out of the midwest. The Minneapolis-based ensemble blends the solid, piano-based songwriting of Sebastian Davin, with the power and energy of a great young rock band, whose members, guitarist – Seth Davin, bassist – Rob Burke, and drummer - Jake Englund create a unique sound and display a musical maturity beyond their years.

The piano fronted, Dropping Daylight, brings a youthful enthusiasm to the stage that can be described as nothing less than captivating.  It is obvious to any crowd that these guys love nothing more than playing music. Each member brings his own influences, unique sound, and energy that combine to create something truly exceptional.

The band originally began as Sui Generis in the winter of 2001 with Sebastian and Jake while they were attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Finding themselves disillusioned by the wholly unoriginal music flooding the airwaves, the two friends united to create something completely original and without equals. With this, the very definition of the Latin “Sui Generis”, the band was begun.  While Davin studied songwriting and Englund drumming and music business, they spent their spare time recording their first full length CD in practice rooms. 

Returning to their homes in Minnesota, they teamed up with high school band mate and friend, Rob Burke.  In order to help round out their sound, they looked to Sebastian’s younger brother Seth on guitar.  Now fully formed, the band changed their name to Sue Generis and released that first CD in October of 2002. The band spent the next year playing club and college gigs around the northern plain region developing and honing their repertoire. In October 2003, they released their first full-length, full-band CD titled Back to Nowhere.

Now, signed to Octone Records in the summer of 2004, the band has changed its name to Dropping Daylight and is looking forward to a bright future. Two songs from Back To Nowhere have appeared on MTV’s The Real World, and they have performed with Nickelback and 3 Door Down. Dropping Daylight is slated to play with Simple Plan and Yellowcard, plus Midwest dates of the Vans Warped Tour during the summer of 2004. 

With the successful marketing strategy of Octone Records and the band’s unquestionable talent and motivation for success, it is only a matter of time before these four young men become a nationwide household name. The success story has begun.


* Your musical inspirations?

There are so many and various, in as far as musicians themselves have been in terms of influences. Countless so many different aspects and for hundreds of reasons. What I learn as I get older, is that it's really just the 'one' - the 'real' as opposed to the contrived - the centre, the essential - true creative poetry in motion, exactly what speaks to you and moves you, and how it does that, in the NOW and in the moment. That's where music is for me. It's where I live myself in terms of playing, composing, whatever - be it great, average, terrible, dreadful, wonderful, disastrous or totally fantastic and inspired. To personally expand on that I would also say that musical inspiration is something I constantly derive from all aspects of life in terms of the life experience of every day! Every day I will form a different perspective and derive fresh inspiration, like everyone I imagine. I simply use and take and bring everything into the music - the futile, the temptation, the electricity, the emptiness, the loneliness, the joy, the fulfilment, the fear, the erotic, the desire, the despair and the hope.

* Any CD's or songs which are meaningful to you?

Yes. Tony Williams - the visionary composer and drummer. Same thing actually! Miles Dewey Davis. Charles Lloyd. Joni Mitchell, Coltrane. Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul. John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Topping. Jack DeJohnette. Jan Hammer - the jazz/fusion/beyond/whatever keyboardist and composer - still the most profound keyboard influence for me. A lot more - a lot of classical, Eastern European music, Indian classical music. The percussion!!!!! And songs? Oh, many, constantly. In spite of the fact my fundamental way in music lies in the instrumental, improvisational side, I am regularly taken - transported, way deep - very much emotionally always affected by well-written, well-interpreted and affectingly produced popular songs. When they hit, they hit! The sad ones will get me, every time. It's funny, Eric Clapton - revered the world over as a guitarist - but all I want to do is hear him sing! Jack Bruce, oh my god. Sinatra, Tony Bennett, on the duet Bill Evans albums, Nick Drake, Paddy McAloon I like a lot, Bjork, the Crowded House guy, McCartney and Lennon, Donny Hathaway, Seal, even Cool And The Gang ... listen, anybody who just 'LIVES' and can arrest you with their voice, I wanna hear them in that song and listen to them, and cry with them ... especially if they're suffering, and they need it, and you can hear that. I feel exactly the same with drummers and any instrumentalists. I want to hear and feel it - as it is for them, and be affected by it. STRONGLY.

* How has music inspired you?

Music is the salt of my life. It is every breath I take. It is my very survival, actually. Simple. It's been this way ever since I can remember. Without it I cannot imagine who I'd be, what I'd do or how on earth I'd even recognise myself.

Bio/Career Highlights

Born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England - Studied classical piano under Ms. Fanny Waterman while gaining experience backing visiting ALAN WAKEMEN, MALCOLM GRIFFITHS and others from London in local clubs, (playing drums or piano). Also gained experience performing with an ensemble led by PAT EVANS in a very "visual" and "free" form of improvised music around this time. First professional position playing drums -one nighters, dances, broadcasts etc. with SYD LAWRENCE ORCHESTRA, aged 16, stayed eighteen months. Other freelance session work, composing for B.B.C./Y.T.V. jingles etc. Cabaret work with LULU, THE BACHELORS, MATT MONRO, FRANKIE LAINE etc.


Around the late 70s, established a musical partnership with guitarist ALLAN HOLDSWORTH working in a group that is still evolving to this day, many albums and international tours later.

Following the successful launch in 1982 of ALLAN HOLDSWORTH I.O.U. in the U.S., work with many others included stints with JEFF BERLIN, EDDIE VAN HALEN, BUNNY BRUNEL BAND, mostly in California.

U.K., 86, joined Nikki Squire's ("Yes" type) group ESQUIRE, but was soon back in the U.S. with HOLDSWORTH.

In late 1987 was approached by bassist MARK KING to join his
LEVEL 42 on drums and throughout the almost five year association was featured extensively also as a writer and piano/keyboardist on three album recordings
In 1989 performed as "house" drummer for band and orchestra, (under baton of GEORGE MARTIN), formed for the PRINCE'S TRUST ROCK GALA, backing (along with Level 42) MICA PARIS, ALEXANDER O NEAL, MIKE & THE MECHANICS, JOHN FARNHAM, SPANDAU BALLET, WILL DOWNING, ANDY BELL, SWING OUT SISTER and others.

Around late 80s, wrote, arranged and recorded for Channel 4 U.K. the ident for
BASTILLE DAY Paris 200. Also the soundtrack composition for the FRENCH T.V. launch of the T.G.V. train.

Performed with drummer VINNIE COLAIUTA in a special double drum clinic by Zildjian at London's Astoria Theatre also during the late 80s, ...received standing ovation for a duet !

In March 1990, the GARY HUSBAND QUARTET performed a successful week long engagement at Ronnie Scott's Club performing piano and "lead" keyboards in this band). Upon leaving Level 42 in March 92, joined legendary bassist JACK BRUCE for touring/recording U.S./Europe performing both on drums and keyboards. Remained with him working in a trio format that eventually featured GARY MOORE on guitar (as featured on Moore's "Ballads & Blues" album).

1993 started working regularly with BILLY COBHAM touring/recording internationally principally as keyboard player but also performing with Billy the now legendary double drum solo spots that continue to enthrall audiences across Europe & the U.S. regularly.

Newly formed GARY HUSBAND GROUP performs at the European Meeting of Music & Arts in Sardinia at the close of 1994. July 95 performed a debut SOLO concert at London's Royal Festival Hall Purcell Room. Played piano, keyboard, drums and acoustic guitar on this very successful evening featuring mostly all original music and two special instrumentalist guest.

Toured Japan with PAUL WILLIAMS, Prod/Keyboardist DAVID HENTSCHEL, MICKEY MOODY and others in the blues based "Blue Thunder" project that went on later to record an album back in England under the same name (95).

Early 96, began work in the U.S. playing drums on an album project by guitarist ANTHONY HINDSON entitled It's A Curious Life, which also features among many others ZAKIR HUSSAIN, JACK BRUCE and violinist L. SHANKAR.

Some other further album recording around this period reculted in an album called
Thrive in the U.S. with a Canadian group called GONGZILLA, We Go Back by the England based (guitarist), JIM MULLEN'S QUARTET in a more classic bebop mode, and the album Dark Days In Paradise with GARY MOORE.

Toured later in 96 through Europe with ANDY SUMMERS GROUP, again with COBHAM, then around U.K. for a debut string of dates with singer/songwriter RON SEXSMITH.

Later still, recorded
Crocodile Shoes II for singer/actor JIMMY NAIL in London.

Work throughout 1997 included plenty of concert touring (plus festivals) with GARY MOORE BAND in Europe. More recording; JIMMY NAIL again, the important
Time & Distance album from guitarist/composer STEVE TOPPING and some Jungle drum loops for the likes of LEMON D, DILLINGER and others.

Deputised in many jazz ensembles led by English musicians such as JULIAN ARGUELLES, GERARD PRESENCER, MARTIN SPEAKE, JULIAN JOSEPH, TIM GARLAND and others, (usually playing drums). Was featured performing in clinic performance alongside DENNIS CHAMBERS as a part of his Zildjian world tour also.

Later in the year 97, conceptualised, constructed and produced own first video for Rittor Music Inc. New York and distributed worldwide by Warner Bros/IMP. Entitled
INTERPLAY & IMPROVISATION, the video featured in performance many friends and colleagues from past and present musical associations including MARK KING, STEVE TOPPING and PAUL CARMICHAEL (GARY HUSBAND GROUP), ALLAN HOLDSWORTH (also featured in a first reunion of the original I.O.U.), GARY MOORE, JACK BRUCE and others.

1998 kicks off with a week long engagement at Ronnie Scott's in London. A special new association with US pianist GEOFF KEEZER begins with a string of dates in Paris and London performing in trio format with James Genus on bass.

February and March is spent playing keyboards in touring performance and studio recording with the BILLY COBHAM/RANDY BRECKER GROUP. The group also makes several TV appearances including episode 1 of "Jazz 606" for B.B.C., while the album "Focused" gets prepared for release. April 98 filmed a performance video : "The Cream Of Cream" in a trio format for JACK BRUCE with GARY MOORE on guitar.

April also sees the construction and prodcution of first solo album release :
Diary From A Plastic Box for FMR Records (CD59-VO0898). This consists of all original compositions and solo performances/improvisations on keyboard. Later this month a tour of California and Japan with THE ALLAN HOLDSWORTH TRIO (playing drums).

June 98 begins with another engagement at Ronnie Scott's with the JIM MULLEN QUARTET, also recorded an interview for B.B.C. Radio's Jazz On 3. Later this month performed a tour of festivals and concert halls in Cananda with GEOFF KEEZER, CHRISTIAN McBRIDE and DIANAN KRALL's TRIO.

July saw another short string of dates in trio once again with MOORE & BRUCE in England and the performance/production of a solo keyboard/drums original composition for inclusion on a compilation album by P-Vine Records in Tokyo of drummer's solo tracks called Skin Fever (alongside with Billy Cobham, Narada Michael Walden, Jim Keltner, Grady Tate and many others).

In August performed with the ALLAN HOLDSWORTH TRIO in Israel's Red Sea Jazz Festival, while more session work follows recording on new albums by JIMMY NAIL once again, also the PET SHOP BOYS. Deputising work in trumpet player GUY BARKER's band

In September, plans well and truly take the shape for the formation of a new group, and time is taken off to prepare writing and arrangements for
THE NEW GARY HUSBAND TRIO's album for England's Jazzizit Records entitled From the Heart (also to feature GEORGIE FAME, JACK BRUCE and NICKI LEIGHTON-THOMAS for piano-vocal duets) and live performances.

Engagements at London's Jazz Cafe and Pizza Express among others, are secured almost immediately. The group's appearances as part of London's ORIS JAZZ Festival gets recorded by the B.B.C.'s Jazz on (Radio) 3 for a future transmission planned for the Spring of 1999 coinciding very well with the planned release date of the album. This period marks a notable exchange of priority in career terms since the trio is led exclusively from a composing, arranging, piano/keyboard performance profile. The group continues to thrive having established performances in the U.K. festivals such as Appleby, Grimsby, Cheltenham and others, while an Album Launch performance is confirmed for May 1999 (once again et the Pizza Express Night Club in London's West End).

Work on drums simultaneously continues having joined ALAN SKIDMORE'S QUARTET that commences with an engagement at Ronnie Scott's, while deputising with the J. SIEGEL/P. ROBSON
April 99
NEW GARY HUSBAND TRIO performs at an Educational Seminar at Leeds College Of Music, also then as backing group for (altoist) PETER KING, then RANDY BRECKER. Played drums in ensemble led by Writer/Guitarist/Arranger RICHARD NILES for a performance/launch of his album.

Composed and laid down new tracks for a new release by a group of musicians known as Continuum
, producer and co-ordinated by RICHARD NILES. In the studio with ALAN SKIDMORE QUARTET laying down tracks for new album for quartet and African drum ensemble, while plans to finish up BILLY COBHAM LIVE IN BAHAMAS album in New York.

NEW GARY HUSBAND TRIO is spotlighted (whilst performing an engagement in Cardiff, Wales) as a subject for a celebration of noted Swansea-born figurative artist Ms. VALERIE GANZ and her work. The event, (as was the band's concert) was filmed by HTV Wales.

Summer 99, playing drums (w. JIM MULLEN Quartet) alongside DAVE WECKL Group for a sell-out week long engagement at Ronnie Scott's Club once again. One or two "duets" transpire ! Festivals, (Montreux, North Sea, Skandaborg and other major European once again) with the GARY MOORE blues group, and (LEVEL 42's) MARK KING and his group.
NEW GARY HUSBAND TRIO continues to perform throughout U.K. with appearances at Grimsby International Festival, Appleby Festival (with the set broadcast again by B.B.C. Radio 3 for Jazz on 3), Cheltenham, Southampton, Kendal's Brewery Art Centre, Wavendon's Stables Theatre, Leeds Irish Centre, again London's Pizza Express,... many more.

Was featured guest on a Meridian TV (U.K.) special series hosted by pianist JULIAN JOSEPH called Jazz with Julian Joseph. Was featured by Joseph performing my compositions with his quartet, then as pianist / synth. soloist guest, then as drummer with the band (also playing solo duet with Joseph's drummer Mark Mondesir).

Played drums for debut album (entitled
Time) of (trumpet player/writer) IWAN VAN HETTEN, August 99 in Holland. Also with the SOHO JAZZ ORCHESTRA (under leader Cliff Hardie), October 99, for concert at Ronnie Scott's Club. ALAN SKIDMORE QUARTET performs another week at Ronnie Scott's club.

Playing keyboards (again) for updated BILLY COBHAM band performing a brief residency at Jazz Cafe in London.

November 99, the
G.H. NEW TRIO moves into Ronnie Scott's club for a week's stay playing alongside BOB BERG BAND, then ROY AYERS BAND. More touring/engagements with MARK KING, SKIDMORE QUARTET, (saxophonist) VAUGHAN HAWTHORN-NELSON, JIM MULLEN QUARTET, G.H. NEW TRIO see's out the rest of the year.

January 2000 starts out heavily laden with promotional dates in Europe with the Alan Skidmore Quartet in support of the new release, including a specially taped one hour special (by WDR TV in Germany), Tribute To John Coltrane live from Cologne. Approached also to write a commissioned piece intended for (Percussionist) EVELYN GLENNIE and (Drummer) TERRY BOZZIO to perform in a one-off duet performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

Back in Los Angeles, recorded a new a new album for ALLAN HOLDSWORTH of mostly "back catalogue with up to date performances". (This project specially reuniting GH and Allan with the great Jimmy Johnson on bass). Also on this session recorded material to be used for the forthcoming GH drum-led electric album.

April 2000 touring begins with Allan Holdsworth Trio for a week in Tokyo (recorded for a possible live album), through Europe, then picking up again late July for a U.S. East Coast and N.Y. run. Gary leaves Alan Skidmore Quartet.

15th July saw the concert platform debut of
GARY HUSBAND'S DOUBLE VISION, a show comprised of material performed by the New Trio, crossing into realms featuring Gary on acoustic guitar, then moving in and out of the "drums" (electric ensemble) material.

All the areas become covered in this production; from drum solo compositions (with Trio drummer Gene Calderazzo), gentle guitar passages and crackling interplay between members of the trio.

The rousing concert opened the U.K.'s RHYTHM STICKS Festival in the Purcell Room concert hall, South Bank Centre, London. Gary's trio is also invited back into Ronnie Scott's Club in London for another week long engagement commencing 7th. August

September 2000 preparation and arrangements begin for new solo piano album entitled The Things I See - Interpretations Of The Music Of Allan Holdsworth (for Art Of Life Records, U.S.). The recording sessions take place in October, while live playing continues into November, (mostly drums), with JIM MULLEN QUARTET (launching the "Burns" album, appearing at Ronnie Scott's etc.), with RANDY BRECKER GROUP (also featuring BOB BERG, KEVIN HAYS and MICK HUTTON), and once again with MARK KING GROUP (for a brief tour of England).

January 2001 kicks off with an album recording for legendary British saxophone figure DICK HECKSTALL-SMITH for the Blue Storm/Eagle Rock label. Playing drums on the album (entitled Blues & Beyond), GH is featured along with PETE BROWN, JACK BRUCE, CLEM CLEMPSON, DAVID HADLEY, DAVE "MUNCH" MOORE, PAUL JONES, JOHN MAYALL, MICK TAYLOR, RAB McCULLOUGH, PETER GREEN and EDDIE MARTIN. Later the same month, recording starts for British guitarist RON E. CARTER, along with MIKE MONDISER - Bass, for a new album focusing on the music of Jimi Hendrix.

Through February, more live work on drums continues with JIM MULLEN, VAUGHAN HAWTHORN NELSON QUARTET and others, while the G.H. NEW TRIO moves back into Ronnie Scott's Club again to perform another week, this time opposite The National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Continuing through March, April, May and June there is more live work, on drums, featured in a new quartet formed by saxist JULIAN SIEGAL; CITY OF DREAMS, the RAY WARLEIGH QUARTET, GORDON BECK ( with saxist PETER KING), and the Russian pianist
OLGA KONKOVA’s trio featuring husband bassist PER MATHISEN.  On piano/keyboards, there is live and recording work with (guitarist) MILAN LADD’s SANGAM group (featuring saxist TIM GARLAND), a new album with (Italian guitarist) RENATO D’AIELLO (for Spotlight Records, U.K.) and (vocalist) CHRISTINE TOBIN’s working group.

GARY HUSBAND NEW TRIO performs a live, in studio session for a U.K. Radio 3’s
Jazz On 3 dedicated feature broadcast/online video.

October 2001 touring Europe on piano with the (predominantly Swedish) jazz group NORTH BY NORTHWEST (featuring BILLY COBHAM - Drums) performing music from their (Cobham produced) debut record of the same name. Following this, back on drums, a new blues "tribute" recording takes place in the form of two new studio tracks both featuring a trio line-up once again with JACK BRUCE & GARY MOORE. On 15th. of November a solo piano performance is given at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the 2001 LONDON JAZZ FESTIVAL, performing music from the Allan Holdsworth interpretations album The Things I See. (The piano album also this month receiving "third best CD release of 2001" position, as voted by UK BBC Radio 3’s JAZZ ON 3 team.)

November and December sees a third consecutive winter season U.K. tour playing drums for “GRUPO MARK KING”.

2002 kicks off with a week long engagement at Ronnie Scott's for the JIM MULLEN QUARTET, the band then on the road touring throughout the UK. January and February sees a drum clinic tour of the UK, in part sponsored by the Zildjian company. Following this, the G.H. NEW TRIO fulfils another week long spell at London's Ronnie Scott's club, this time sharing the bill with singer CARMEN LUNDY.

Appeared playing piano and keyboards with legendary UK singer NORMA WINSTONE, while also performing yet another Ronnie Scott's week playing piano in singer CHRISTINE TOBIN'S quartet.

April 2002 performing keyboards on BILLY COBHAM's “SPECTRUM” 30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR of the U.S.A., playing alongside Billy, original
Spectrum album bassist LELAND SKLAR and guitarist DEAN BROWN. Following this, toured Germany playing keyboards for Billy's HIGHER GROUND group, featuring PER GADE playing guitar, and bassist STEFAN RADEMACHER.

During May, performed on piano with the PHIL ROBSON OCTET in the U.K., plus a short series of dates playing drums once again in the OLGA KONKOVA TRIO.

Performed in Dubai, UK and Europe with Level 42 throughout summer. August performed festivals and recorded with OLGA KONKOVA QUARTET in Norway, JIM MULLEN QUARTET, JULIAN SIEGAL QUARTET recording in London and GONGZILLA recording in N.Y.C. September and October toured Sweden with JOHANNES LUNDBERG'S SPLINT! group, also recording live for a potential CD release.

October through December LEVEL 42 GREATEST HITS TOUR performing all of UK and into Europe.

January 03 performed a clinic, headlining at the Bergen ZILDJIAN DAY in Norway.

Later this month the New Trio performs it's final appearances on tour throughout the UK. Later in the month they performed a week's engagement at Ronnie Scott's in London with the JULIAN SIEGAL QUARTET, (kicking off a short tour), then into February, performed a short UK tour once again on keyboards with MILAN LAD'S SANGAM group.

In March, performed a short series of drum clinics and a piano concert in Italy, and in April performed a drum clinic, (headlining with TERRY BOZZIO) at a drum clinic festival for Adams Music in Belgium.

In May performed a concert in London (on piano and keyboards) with IAIN BALLAMY (saxophone) and ZOLTAN LANTOS (violin) for the Magyar Magic/Hungary In Focus festival at the Hungarian Cultural Centre, while later this month a season of various European festival appearances with LEVEL 42 started accumulating.

In June LEVEL 42 performed an extensive tour of Indonesia.

June/July performed a short series of dates on the east coast of America playing drums in the group GONGZILLA, following up with a trip to Monscau, Germany to play a concert (on keyboards) with MARK MONDESIR TRIO.

In August began writing, recording and programming music for a new series of collectable STARZ CARDZ - CD-ROM products by
SERIOUS USA in New York. Completed compositions, themes, and loops for their up and coming NFL, Europe 2004 and Real Madrid series. Made final appearances with Julian Siegal Quartet in the UK.

In September, filmed for DVD a new performance video, combining musical forces (on keyboards) with (drummer) MARK and (bassist) MICHAEL MONDESIR. The product, ("TO THE POWER OF THREE - GARY HUSBAND/MONDESIR BROTHERS COLLABORATION" was devised and made available by
RSJ GROOVE in the UK in January 2004. Also this month wrote, recorded and produced a new composition, ("Sulley", featuring G.H - Keyboards/Drums/Samples), to be included on a collective, various artists production by Brighton Jazz Club in the UK on the theme of Jazz and Samples.

In October through December once again performed drums with LEVEL 42 on "THE ULTIMATE TOUR/2003" throughout the UK and Holland.

Two commissions for Gary materialised in late 2003, both in relation to the Force Majeure tour in March 2004. In association with FuseLeeds04, (composer) DJANGO BATES requested one bar of music from 60 composers to form a 15 minute piece to celebrate the 60th birthday of EVAN PARKER, in preparation for a performance by the LONDON SINFONIIETTA at the Leeds Fuse Festival, March 2004.

Gary also accepted a commission from BBC Radio 3 to write and score a new 30 minute work in four parts - intended, exclusively for performance (and live recording/broadcast) and feature in the second half of the Force Majeure concerts in march 2004."

G.H. & his FORCE MAJEURE group performed their debut tour for CONTEMPORARY MUSIC NETWORK to delighted audiences in LEEDS WARDROBE, (from where the concert was recorded and later broadcast by Radio 3's "JAZZ ON 3"), MORCAMBE PLATFORM, LONDON QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL, (where the performance was filmed for a forthcoming DVD release), BIRMINGHAM MAC and SOUTHAMPTON TURNER SIMS CONCERT HALL. Reviews are posted on this website in "Press". Line-up featured RANDY BRECKER - TRUMPET, ELLIOT MASON - TROMBONE/BASS TRUMPET, JERRY GOODMAN - ELECTRIC VIOLIN, JIM BEARD - KEYBOARDS/PIANO, MATTHEW GARRISON - BASS, ARTO TUNCBOYACIYAN - PERCUSSION and GH playing drums/piano and conducting.

The tour was a resounding success.

In April, toured Italy playing piano/keyboards in a jazz quartet setting featuring drummer DANNY GOTTLIEB, altoist DONALD HARRISON and bassist DOMINIQUE DIPIAZZA.


* Your musical inspirations?

Always get thrown by this question because my influences are so random and I don't necessarily sound like all or any of them.... but here goes....So many, where do I begin.... Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, John Lennon (solo), Sheryl Crow, Jay-Z, Mark Ronson, Joan Jett, Stevie Wonder, Ben Folds, Ben Lee, Duncan Sheik, The Black Crowes, Ryan Adams, The Cure, Radiohead, Foreigner, cyndi lauper and prince..... Told ya I'm all over the place :)

* Any CD's or songs which are meaningful to you?

Radiohead- the bends- one of the best rock records of all time.... so many different songs on there but they are all incredible. Don't think I took that cd out of my car for 5 years. I love a cd you can listen to all the way through without having to skip- my favourite song on there is Bones, so heartfelt.... Sheryl Crow's Strong Enough- don't think I could count how many times I have listened to that song- the perfect one to listen to when your heart is broken... nice to know that other people go through the same thing. Kenna- new sacred cow- what an amazing record- upbeat at times- slow at times and sad and happy and crazy too- another album you can listen to all the way through!! People are sleeping on this one! My brother's record- Mark Ronson's- Here Comes the Fuzz- so many different styles from reggae to rock to soul to hip hop- the best compilation ever!!!! Jay Z's- The Black album and the Blueprint 1 and 2- needs no explanation! Stevie Wonder's song- I don't know why I love you- so dope!!!! perfect song for being in love with the wrong person, when u are sitting there having no clue as to why we put up with so much and still can't fall out of love.... one of my fav albums of all time- beatles- revolver- the song for no-one is so moving and beautiful and heartbreaking and real- all their songs seemed so honest and real and last but not least- ben folds five- evaporated off whatever and ever amen- so sad and emotional and sweet--- listened to it on repeat when my boyfriend and I broke up!

* How has music inspired you?

How hasn't it??? :) I'm a dj and a musician... live sleep and breathe it... would rather be dead than without it is the only way I can explain my love for it.... it makes me get up in the morning and keeps me from going back to sleep!

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