* Your musical inspirations?

Neil Finn - Great songs, killer harmonies.
Elvis Presley - His passion to perform.

Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

Willie Nelson - Stardust and Redheaded Stranger.
Nick Lowe - The Convincer
anything by the Beatles
just to name a few, and of course:
Carole King, Neil Young, Patsy Cline, The Kinks, Frank
Zappa, Wilco and many more. Quite taken by old baroque
music, Bela's banjo and the Mills Brothers as well.

* How has music inspired you?

It's all the things that inspire me that make me come up
with music actually.

Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your

Willie, the Everly Brothers and the Beatles, amongst
others, all played a part in my escape from my mothers
death when I was 15. I know that that event made me focus
more on playing. This turned out to be a good thing
musically, but maybe too much of an escape from things I
should have dealt with at the time. I am working on it
every day now, and sometimes I use songs to remind myself
of things I have found to be true. Beats a post-it note
any day!

Reid Jamieson is going to tell you the truth. He's an old fashioned heartbreaker with a knack for writing instantly classic songs, delivering them with a rare vocal intensity and bold honesty. His second solo album The Unavoidable Truth was produced by Josh Finlayson (Gord Downie, Skydiggers) and features the stellar talents of some of Canada's brightest stars, Sarah Harmer, Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo, Wilco), Dave Clark (Woodchoppers, Rheostatics), Peter Elkas, Mia Sheard and more lend their musical magic to this unforgettable disc. The new record showcases Reid's choirboy ways, therapeutic lyrics and country-flavoured pop hooks. Piano, banjo, accordion, pedal steel and heavenly harmonies make for a full bodied departure from Reid's critically acclaimed solo acoustic EP The Noise In My Chest. The truth is, once you've let this blue eyed troubadour into your record collection he'll be sure to make himself at home in your heart

Reid Jamieson's voice and engaging performances have been melting a lot of hearts lately. Cheaper than therapy and always entertaining, he's been channeling his own version of Elvis since he was a youth. Silver-throated with excellent chops, his vintage flavour and strong song writing abilities seem to belie his actual age. Much like his inspirations (Willie Nelson, Nick Lowe, Neil Finn & The Beatles), his appeal spans generations and genres, allowing him to work with a variety of diverse artists. Reid's former pop-rock band Alvy played around the Toronto music scene gathering a devoted audience and respect from peers, their first release No Assembly Required was produced by Dave Bidini of the Rheostatics. Reid's first independent solo album, Cowlick Bravado, released in November 2001, was produced, performed and written entirely by Jamieson. This charming nine song CD showcased a mixture of pop, folk, old country and rock and was most certainly a labour of love. In October 2003 Reid released The Noise In My Chest, a sparse solo acoustic EP, at the launch of the new Maple Lounge upstairs at the Rivoli Pool Hall. Although just an appetizer to the new album, much critical praise followed this simple offering, including four stars from Toronto's Eye Magazine. Now Reid finds himself ready to take the full blown beauty of The Unavoidable Truth as far as he can, performing solo or with a compliment of talented friends. A cross-country and UK tour are in the works, so please stay tuned for more from this tender troubadour.

Association: SOCAN, SAC, CCMA, OCFF, TMA.

On a personal note: Now 6'2" with eyes of blue, Reid was born much smaller in Toronto, Ontario in 1973. Raised in Brampton with his younger brother Davis, he lost his mother to cancer in his early teens when she was only 35. He turned obsessively to his guitar for comfort and escape, preferring old fashioned standards to the music that surrounded him in the eighties. Growing up his dad often sang and played country tunes for him on an old spanish guitar that Reid still owns, to this day no family gathering is complete without a good sing-a-long. Reid credits his supportive father and being surrounded by creative peers as his inspiration to make music with his life, as well as a childhood love of super heroes that made him think he could do anything if he only tried hard enough. And he does try. A stickler for authenticity, he designed his first CD by hand, recorded, printed and packaged it all by his lonesome. Working for some years in the music section at Chapters, he is the embodiment of the independent musician, often stocking and ringing in purchases of his own CD, as well as promoting quality independent Canadian music by booking talent for in-store performances. Reid is an active member of his local music community, performing at benefits and song circles whenever possible. A strong believer in positive thinking and balanced living, Reid regularly writes little reminders to himself into his songs. He's a peace loving vegetarian who hasn't had a television for over two years now, and spends much of his time cooking and reading inspirational self help books. For the record: He makes an excellent dinner guest. Reid lives with his lady partner and lots of plants in lovely downtown Toronto, Canada. Do drop us a line, or come visit the web site, and don't forget to breath.


*How has music inspired me?

The first time I can consciously remember experiencing the sounds of music as a child, I was exhilarated! I loved what it did to my soul, my spirit, how I felt. I would get so excited and jump around and dance in time as my mother later told me. It was a language I already instinctively knew before I could even utter a word of English. I was four years old. I grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersey. My mother would take me to the famous Steel Pier, which extended a half-mile in to the Atlantic Ocean. It was quite something. I remember her taking me to see Louie Armstrong and hearing his genius. Mind you, I was four and had no idea who he was; I just remember how I felt. It didn’t stop there; She herself was quite the singer and loved music herself. She took me to see Count Basie, The Four Tops, The Allman Brothers, Buddy Rich and his orchestra, Louie Belson; the list goes on and on. From the Motown sound to the big bands, from southern rock bands like The Allman Brothers to Afro-Cuban artists like Tito Puente or Willie Bobo. I saw it all before the age of ten. Believe me when I share this with you, I was inspired! I saw the best of the best doing what they did. I told my mother I was going to do that, be a musician. That never changed. To this day, I live for the love of music and the art of making it. It’s as much a part of me as a limb.

*Your musical inspirations?

My musical inspirations are vast as I stated in the prior answer to the first question. From Johann Sebastian Bach to Niccolò Paganini. From Charles Mingus to Charlie "Bird" Parker. From Thelonious Monk to John Coltrain. From Lennon & McCartney to The Kinks. From Stevie Wonder to Steve Winwood. From Peter Gabriel and Genesis or Kate Bush to YES, From Sly Stone to Prince, From Led Zeppelin or the Yardbirds, to Deep Purple or Frank Zappa. I mean I could just go on and on. My inspirations are so vast. I mean, what an incredible library of music I have to choose from to be inspired to create my own each and everyday!

It’s not just people that can inspire me musically, but sounds them self’s heard in certain sequences. Wind chimes, the sound of trees blowing in the wind. The rhythm of footsteps. I mean I hear symphony’s everyday just walking through the streets of New York City, where I live.

*Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

That changes every other minute. A favorite? They’re all my favorites. Not just the artist I mentioned above, but many many others and at different times. To have a “so called favorite” would be to confining. If I’m listening to Pat Metheny or Michael Brecker, then they’re my favorites. If it’s the Beatles that day, then they’re my favorites. It’s to limiting for me to have just one favorite CD, song, or musician.
It all started on the Jersey shore... from the parades on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City (Gregg's hometown) to the famous "Steel Pier", watching Big Band greats like Count Basie, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson and Buddy Rich. Gregg's fiery passion for drums and horns was alive at an early age. He began studying percussion at age 6. By age 10, he was sitting in on local club dates. He later studied timpani, vibraphone and traps with Rick Kivnick at the Settlement School of Music in Philadelphia. Gregg quickly developed a style all his own on both drums and flute. Also accomplished on guitar, bass and keyboards, he soon became known and respected as one of the top musicians along the Jersey Shore club circuit.

Gregg arrived on the New York music scene in July of '76. Playing jazz flute on the city streets and getting to know some of the local musicians, he soon began attracting much attention. He worked with Jack Sonni (Dire Straits) and later joined "The Doug Rock Show" with Carlos Alomar (David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Paul McCartney) and John McCurry (Cyndi Lauper, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel). This led to album projects with Ronnie Spector, Benny Mardones and MayDay.

Soon after, renowned guitarist, Steve Stevens of "Billy Idol" asked Gregg to join The Billy Idol Band. He soon began touring with The Billy Idol Band and also recorded White Wedding (live) and Rebel Yell.

Currently, Gregg is playing, recording and touring with varied artists throughout the world, recently with Roger Daltrey of The Who, touring with The British Rock Symphony…

Recording Projects

Roger Daltrey
Billy Idol
Gloria Estefan
Russ Irwin
Ronnie Spector
Benny Mardones
Adam Bomb
Alberto Fortis
Skin & Bones
Noisy Mama
Sven Gali
Work of Art
Dick Fawcett Band
Blue Muse
Denis Farley
Matt Smith
Larry Mitchell Band


Billy Idol
Steve Jones (Sex Pistols)
Wayne Kramer (MC5)
Sven Gali
British Rock Symphony Roger Daltrey
British Rock Symphony Eric Burdon,Thelma Houston,Glenn Sherock,CDB

Recording Sessions

Mick Jagger
Iggy Pop
Roy Orbison
Andy Taylor (Duran Duran)
Ed Roland / Collective Soul
Alphonse Johnson (Weather Report)
Genya Ravan
Nina Haagen
Nona Hendrix
(Patti LaBelle)
Jack Sonni (Dire Straits) & Dave Knopfler
Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Michael Jackson)
Desmond Childs
TM Stevens (James Brown, Joe Cocker)
Stanley Jordan
Muzz Skillings (Living Colour, bass)
Collons Hay (Men at Work)
Tommy Shaw (Styx)
Denis Farley
Sheelah Na Gig

Live Performances

Belinda Carlisle
Michael Bolton
Carlos Alomar (Bowie)
Sam Andrews (Big Brother & The Holding Co)
Vicky Sue Robinson
Stacy Lattisaw
Benny Mardones
Jeremy Steig


* How has music inspired you?

For me, life inspires music. As a composer, my own personal
experiences, emotions and relationships are best expressed in music.
Sometimes it is something I see in nature, in strangers, in a dream,
that inspires me to create a musical memory of it.

Life has had a soundtrack for me since I was young; I would hold it
in my head as life ticked on. When I began studying and playing
music, I began to formally write this ongoing soundtrack down, and
this has become my life's work and love. Music and composing has
helped me express love, loss, hope, faith, passion. Music smooths the
rough spots of life and can ease our most difficult moments. I feel
my most centered true self when I am at the piano, sharing my music
with others.

pianist composer recording artist concert artist
Mesmerizing audiences with inspired tales, extraordinary piano
technique and heartfelt performances, Ms. Spielberg is in the top
echelon of contemporary composer/pianists.

Thousands of people have been both entertained and touched by Ms.
Spielberg's live concerts. Ms. Spielberg has a natural talent for
making audiences immediately comfortable, and it is this element that
turns what could easily be an ordinary evening at the concert hall
into a very special concert Event. "Robin has such a personal and
expressive way of playing, and her story-telling about the origins of
the music makes the pieces come alive...the evening was both touching
and mesmerizing" writes Wind & Wire Magazine of Robin's San Francisco
area concert. "Robin Spielberg has an indeniable melodic gift" says
New York Concert Review of Ms. Spielberg's Carnegie Hall debut.

Ms. Spielberg's gifts have won her a place among the nation's most
respected contemporary pianists, as well as a slot on Steinway's
Artist Roster. Her twelve recordings include three albums of
original piano solos (Heal of the Hand, Songs of the Spirit, Dreaming
of Summer), two recordings of American standards and film songs (With
a Song in My Heart, Unchained Melodies), original pieces for solo
piano and piano/ensemble (In the Arms of the Wind) , Mother, a
collaborative CD containing instrumentals, sung ballads and songs
celebrating mother and motherhood, four recordings for holiday
(Spirit of the Holidays, In the Heart of Winter, American Chanukah,
The Christmas Collection), and a recording of lullabies (Beautiful
Dreamer). A new CD, Memories of Utopia, a ten-year retrospective
recording, is due out Fall 2004.

Of her playMountain Music debut, Dreaming of Summer, Wind & Wire
writes, "This album may be the finest collection of songs she has
ever recorded...the music has an emotional and musical complexity
that is refreshing." The CD earned a "Finalist Award" from New Age
Voice Magazine in June 2001 in the 'Best Acoustic Instrumental'
category and was released later in the year in Thailand, China,
Hong-Kong, Korea and Malaysia, with one of the tracks also gaining
popularity with audiences on the Korean award-winning television
drama Winter Love Song. A tour of Korea is planned for Summer 2004.

Ms. Spielberg began touring the US in 1996. She made her Carnegie
Hall debut in a sold-out performance at the Weill Recital Hall in
1997 and has performed there twice since. Other memorable
performances include a guest spot on the PBS television special, The
Soul of Christmas: A Celtic Music Celebration with Thomas Moore;
live performances on CBS Saturday Morning, Good Morning Arizona, CBS
New Orleans, a private concert for the factory workers at the
Steinway & Sons historic piano factory in New York, and benefits for
the Epilepsy Foundation (Carnegie Hall), and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Robin Spielberg's interest in music and healing grew when she
witnessed first-hand, the positive effect music had on her own baby
daughter (born prematurely) during her four-month stay in the
neo-natal intensive care unit. A CD entitled Beautiful Dreamer was
the musical result of this experience, a recording of lullabies and
songs for the parent & child on solo piano. Ms. Spielberg's work with
music and healing has been documented in The New York Times and in
segments on LifeTime Live and ABC News. Beautiful Dreamer was hailed
by Child Magazine as one of "The Best of 2000", and also earned
accolades in Parenting and The Washington Post. Robin Spielberg
was named Celebrity Spokesperson for The American Music Therapy
Association in Spring 2002. As Spokesperson, she conducts workshops
and seminars on the topic of music and healing throughout the U.S. in
hospitals, schools, community centers, nursing care facilities and
performing arts centers. Spielberg was the featured performer at
AMTA's national conference in Minneapolis in Fall 2003, performing
for over 1300 music therapists from around the world.

Robin Spielberg is married to renowned photographer Larry Kosson.
The couple founded SMG Artists in 2003, a booking agency representing
artists on tour. They reside with their five year-old daughter in New
Jersey. You can have a 'virtual visit' with Robin and her work on
the internet at the Official Robin Spielberg Web Site. It is located
at       Robin Spielberg order page


Music that has inspired me:
Fats Domino's 60th birthday party was shown on tv when I was about 14 years old. My Dad said he wanted to watch it as he had all his records when he was younger. I stayed up and watched it expecting to be bored and just fell in love with his music. Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and Paul Scheaffer also played. I had never really been into music before hearing these guys. As soon as I heard them I felt happy and knew thats what I wanted to do
I am continually inspired by many musicians:
Professor longhair, dr John, Allen Tousaint, bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, The scissor sisters, PJ Harvey, the dorsey brothers, chas and dave, musio clementi
I love music that moves you rather than just technical ability.

Ben Waters is widely acknowledged as one of the most exciting piano players in Europe today. Ben’s live shows have been compared to Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Jimi Hendrix. Make no mistake about it, this is hard hitting music at its best.

 Influenced by some of the finest pianists in the world, Ben initially bit the bait of Boogie Woogie. Pianists like Albert Ammonns and Meade Lux Lewis created a desire to own a piano. His parents obliged (not knowing that he would be shaking the house). Then the New Orleans bug struck, and the second line beat of cats like Professor Longhair and Dr John glued him to the piano stool for hours on end. Then BANG out of the blue Rock n’ Roll Struck. Fats Domino’s 60th birthday came on TV featuring Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis. This had a profound impact on Ben’s life; he began playing gigs in pubs and clubs emulating his heroes.

Since then Ben’s name has become synonymous with excellent performance. His raunchy vocals and exuberant style have earned him a superb reputation as one of the genres finest performers. His own style has evolved from his musical roots, and thirteen years later he has surely done every kind of venue imaginable and played with some of the finest musicians in the world . Ben and the band have played together for 13 years, and this shows with the rock solid Rhythm section of Chris Lonergan (Bass) and Ady Milward (drums). It's tight without being restricted. It's flowing without slopping over the top. It's like throwing a viper into a barrel of grass snakes. It squirms, it slithers, it slides and you just know the bite’s in there just waiting to come to the surface. Clive Ashley is a master of the tenor sax. His effervescent stage presence and showmanship bring a smile to the sternest of faces .

These guys are not just a band. They are old friends who have been through thick and thin together. They have a great time when they play and the emphasis is on fun! They can turn any venue into a Kansas City barrelhouse!

During the last thirteen years Ben has been very privileged to play with some of the most influential musicians of the last century

Jools Holland
Dave Gilmour 
Dave Stewart 
Ray Davies
Mick Jagger
Ron Wood 
Shakin Stevens 
Leo Sayer 
Chris Jagger  
PJ Harvey


Your musical inspirations?

I have very many and Im always finding new ones but the very first were Gene Vincent, The Ventures, The Shadows and The Everly Brothers.

* Any CD's or songs which are meaningful to you?

The Silver Pistol” album by the Brinsley Schwarz group, of which I was a member back in the seventies, was the first time I had written and recorded with a group of musicians who were playing what they truly felt and believed.

*How has music inspired you?

It has helped me live my life doing what I have wanted to do, which is be involved in creating and performing music, and not having to be told by anyone else what to do!

*Discuss your new CD/or current projects

My most recent album is called Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart” which I recording with a lot of great musicians in Nashville, check out I am currently working on a CD of previously un-released tracks of mine over the last 25 years provisionally called “Sorry For The Slight Delay”.

Born in downtown Chiswick Ian Gomm grew up in London and cut his teeth on The Ventures, The Everly Brothers and The Beatles. The young Gomm followed a 5-year apprenticeship in mechanical and electronic engineering with EMI.Ltd. at Hayes in London where The Beatles first records were manufactured. He sang and played lead/rhythm guitar in semi-pro groups in his spare time through the late sixties. Always leading three-piece line-ups he performed around the West London R&B circuit in clubs and pubs, as were Alexis Korner and the embryonic Rolling Stones, his band supporting new groups such as The Who, Pink Floyd and The Move. Gomm concentrated hard on his guitar playing and was eventually described as quote: "Best rhythm guitarist in Britain." (NME 1971).

Deciding to become a full time musician in September 1970 Ian gave in his notice on a Friday and on the next Monday joined the cult group Brinsley Schwarz, the country rock band managed by ex-Jimi Hendrix tour manager and soon to be Managing Director and founder of Stiff Records, Dave Robinson, who advertised in the Melody Maker for "a rhythm/lead guitarist with vocal ability to sing, write and play any other instruments, interested or into country flavored music" for the group. Ian fitted the bill perfectly, as the band evolved into the solid, hardworking and professional Pub Rock outfit which packed out every venue they played in the early 70's. They also supported Dave Edmunds on tour and then Paul McCartney and Wings on his first major U.K. tour since the Beatles. During the six years the Brinsleys were together they regularly performed on radio and television and played at major U.K. venues, universities, colleges and rock festivals, topping the bill at the first Glastonbury Festival! They even appeared in the film 'Stardust' with David Essex. The band enjoyed a huge following in the U.K., Ireland, Holland, and Germany, recording 12 albums and 21 singles for United Artists

When they finally split up in 1975 Ian moved with his wife Karen and family to Mid-Wales, UK. He built a recording studio and concentrated on his own song writing career and learned how to engineer and produce records. He recorded The Stranglers, Alexis Korner, Peter Hammill and Amon Duul as well as his own solo song demos.

His fellow band member Nick Lowe preferred the hustle of London however, and after his involvement with the newly formed Stiff record label went on to form Rockpile with Dave Edmunds and Little Village with Ry Cooder. Recently having a huge success with his song 'What's So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding' sung by Curtis Stigers, which was featured in the film 'The Body Guard', and was originally recorded with Ian's musical arrangement by the Brinsleys.

Having amassed a large catalogue of his own songs Ian was signed by the newly formed independent Albion record label based in London. His first solo album titled ‘Summer Holiday’ was released in the UK in 1978 and used superb musicians like Herbie Flowers (bass), Barry De Sousa (drums) and Raf Ravenscroft (saxophone) of 'Baker Street' fame. In 1979 the same album now called 'Gomm with the Wind' was released on Stiff/Epic Records in North America. A single from the album 'Hold On' took off on college radio and eventually climbed to number 12 in the U.S. Hot 100. For over 5 months he toured and played all the top venues in the U.S. attracting audiences of 20,000 or more. Firstly supporting Dire Straits on their 'Sultans Of Swing' tour, then quickly followed by his own sell out U.S. solo tour. Chart topping country star Glen Campbell covered Ian's song 'Hooked On Love' from this album. Nick Lowe also had his biggest hit around the same time reaching the U.S. and U.K. top ten with 'Cruel to be Kind' a song he co-wrote with Ian when they were in the Brinsleys.

A year later saw the world-wide release of Ian's second album 'What a Blow' which was once again produced by the legendary Martin Rushent whose other credits had by then included Shirley Bassey, The Stranglers, The Buzzcocks and The Human League. The subtly titled Ian Gomm Band embarked on a succession of European tours topping the bill at many major events.

One of Ian's old Brinsley songs 'It's Been So Long' was reworked in 1981 by Dave Edmunds on his 'Twangin' album.

U.K. recognition however still eluded him and in 1982 his third album, 'The Village Voice' was released. Phil Everly of Everly Brothers fame covered Ian's song 'Louise' from this album and promptly scored his first solo hit.

It was at this time Ian co-wrote the instrumental 'Carrillon' with Herbie Flowers the bass player who had played on most of Ian's solo recordings. Herbie had just formed a classical 'super group' Sky with guitarist John Williams and this track appeared on their debut album 'Sky' whose sales soon went Platinum and still sells well to this day.

Ian’s continuing popularity in Holland led to the Dutch release of his self-produced fourth album 'What Makes A Man A Man?' in 1986. This was recorded in Ian’s own home studio with additional studio re-mixing in Holland. It proved to be so successful that it was then released throughout Europe this time re-titled ‘Images’.

Ian then spent the next few years writing new songs and finishing the building and wiring of yet another recording studio, this time on top of a Welsh mountain and cunningly called Mountain Sound Studio. After years of producing and engineering there he was finally lured back into recording his songs again. It was here he recorded his ‘Crazy For You’ album, which was released worldwide in 1997 on the Japanese MSI label.

The song ‘Cruel To Be Kind’ which he co-wrote with Nick Lowe back in their Brinsley days has been featured in three recent American film releases. 'Dead Man’s Curve’ (Mount Royal) in 1998, ‘200 Cigarettes’ (Lakeshore) and ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ (Touchstone) in 1999. It also has been featured on numerous '70's' compilation CD's in both Europe and America.

Ian was back at Mountain Sound Studio in Mid- Wales last Summer 2000 laying down 12 new backing tracks for his latest album "Rock 'N' Roll Heart". Two Nashville musicians, Jeff 'Stick' Davis, ‘The Amazing Rhythm Aces' bass player, and Pat McInerney, drummer with 'The Blue Moon Orchestra', Nanci Griffith's band, both flew over from the States especially for the project. Ian then flew back to Nashville, Tennessee in November 2000 where the rest of the album was recorded and mixed. Russell Smith, The Amazing Rhythm Aces singer and Nanci Griffith are both featured singing with Ian whilst Clive Gregson who used to be in Any Trouble and The Richard Thompson Band for many years and who now lives in Nashville plays most of the electric guitar and keyboards. The other musicians featured are top Nashville session players like Ronnie McCoury, James Hooker (Nanci's MD), Joey Misculin, Michael Snow, Brook Langton, Chas Williams and Michael Webb. Ian’s girl backing singers were "The Chiclets" (Cathryn Craig and LeAnn Etheridge). Jack Clement’s studio in Nashville was mostly used for the project. Cowboy Jack’s is the place where Johnny Cash did a lot of his recording in the past. The engineer in charge of recording and mixing was David "Fergie" Ferguson who has worked with the ‘man in black’ for many years, and who only recently finished the recording and engineering of Johnny's latest album "Cash".

August 2002 saw Ian's first chart topping song writing success when 'Cruel To Be Kind' was this time covered by Spanish teen idol Naím Thomas and was number one in the Spanish singles charts. The single was taken from Naím's album "No Tengo Prisa" which was also number one in the Spanish album charts.

In October 2002 a UK record label, Hux Records, released Ian's first live CD titled "24 Hour Service". This was a 1979 concert recorded in San Francisco whilst his band were on their second US tour.

To date Ian Gomm has recorded 10 solo albums and 12 solo singles. He has also recently branched out into the lucrative British football club record market using a number of cunning pseudonyms and notching up tracks on twelve different football supporters club c.d.’s including the Scottish World Cup Anthems (also featuring Rod Stewart) and the latest Manchester United supporters club CD where he appears as Red Deville!

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