Music allows us to express emotions that mere words can't define. It offers a window to God by allowing us to open our soul. To be inspired means to be in Spirit.
Naomi Judd
"I'm a communicator," says Naomi Judd, "whether I'm expressing myself through writing a song or a book or I am singing, acting, speaking at an engagement or even chatting one-on-one with a stranger on the street. Finding a way to share our common experiences is my grand passion."

Naomi first expressed this passion of communication as half of country music's most famous mother/daughter team, The Judds. There, she also first captured national attention during the duo's meteoric rise. Their popularity earned them 20 top 10 hits (including 15 #1s) and kept them undefeated for eight consecutive years at all three major country music awards shows. In addition, the duo won 5 Grammys and a vast array of other awards and honors. As a songwriter, Naomi also won a Grammy for "Country Song of the Year" with the Judds' smash hit "Love Can Build A Bridge."

In 1991, after selling over 20 million albums and videos in a mere seven years and at the pinnacle of their phenomenal career, The Judds' reign came to an abrupt end. Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, a potentially fatal chronic liver disease that forced her retirement. Their duet ended on a high note when their "Farewell" tour was the top grossing act and their farewell concert was the most successful musical event in cable pay-per view history.

With unwavering optimism and characteristic inner strength, Naomi stepped out of the spotlight to explore paths that have led to new successful endeavors. Today, she is completely cured of the Hepatitis C virus and uses the strength of her own experiences as spokesperson for the America Liver Foundation. In 1991, Naomi created the Naomi Judd Education and Research Fund, using her household name and personal time to raise invaluable awareness of the deadly Hepatitis C virus as well as research funds for the American Liver Foundation.

Though her creativity continues to flow through music and writing, today Naomi also expresses her energy on humanitarian activities, social issues and personal growth education. Her natural ability to act as a translator between academic communities and everyday people makes her a truly unique figure. Her background and knowledge on various health and family related issues has led to invitations to speak at countless conventions, seminars and high profile summits as well as numerous media awareness campaigns and Capitol Hill hearings.

Naomi Judd - Former registered nurse, well versed in women's health concerns, sings the benefits of harmony between mind, body and spirit. Naomi has addressed the heads of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the 2001 Bio-Technology Convention. Naomi is on Dr. Andrew Weil's board of directors as an advocate for integrative approaches to medicine incorporated alongside more modern technology.

Naomi Judd - Former uninsured single mom on welfare. Naomi advocates health care reform on behalf of the 44 million Americans who have no medical coverage. She has spoken candidly during public appearances and press interviews about her personal experience of raising two small children as a single mother on welfare with no medical insurance.

Naomi Judd - Former Domestic Violence Victim. Naomi's story as a victim of domestic violence makes her a powerful motivational speaker against such injustices. She shows how emotional and physical scars can be transformed into inner strength and fulfillment.

Naomi Judd - Mother of two highly successful daughters. One of Naomi's priorities is the restoration of the family. Naomi's Home Companion, a cookbook filled with deliciously simple recipes, "food for thought" and family photos, was written by Naomi as a guide for encouraging families to spend time together around the dinner table. Daughters Ashley and Wynonna along with her two children, Elijah and Grace, share adjoining farms with Naomi, making it convenient for their many "family time" activities and "get togethers."

Naomi Judd - Humanitarian. Believing that "service is the work of the soul and we're here to grow in love, wisdom and be of service," Naomi is active in humanitarian and social issues participating in anti-violence programs like the Safe School Summit, and the Women's World Peace Initiative. She's on the board of M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), a board member of USA Weekend's Make A Difference Day (promotiong volunteer work), a member of the Parents Television Council, and has donated her time and money to Kids on Stage (local school program promoting the arts). In addition to helping start a hospice in her hometown, every Fourth of July the small town Ashland, Kentucky girl returns home for the Judd's Annual Food Drive to stock the Appalachia pantry.

Naomi Judd - The Communicator. Her rare combination of extraordinary talent, modesty, and "tell it like it is" candor has earned Naomi the moniker of "The Star Next Door." Truly, she is just as comfortable mingling with the rich, famous, and influential as she is hanging out with friends and neighbors at her rural farm. She has the gift of fitting in while standing out.

Naomi says, "I'm not an expert in anything except making mistakes, but I do have a Ph.D from the school of hard knocks and I'm a road scholar. America is my research lab and I'm just a student of human nature."

It is this down to earth attitude along with her amazing life story that makes Naomi Judd one of the most admired and inspiring women in the world.

Naomi continuees to appeal to audiences of all ages with her inspiring and motivational messages. This highly sought after speaker is at ease on any size stage, whether she is testifying before a small Capitol Hill hearing or engaging audiences as the keynote speaker at a major convention. Men, women, and children alike can identify with this down-to-earth individual. When addressing audiences, Naomi draws from her own life experiences initially as a single mother and a victim of domestic violence, next as a skilled registered nurse and later as a highly successful singer/songwriter, acress, author and TV and radio personality. Ever the entertainer, she incorporates both wit and wisdom into her speeches. In front of any audience, Naomi Judd is a woman who speaks her mind with words that come from her heart.

Guardian Angels (2000) Children's Book
Love Can Build A Bridge (1999) Children's Book
Creating The Life You Love: 21 Days to Personal Victory (1999) Cassette Tapes
Naomi's Home Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Recipes, Food For Thought, and Country Wit and Wisdom (1997)
Love Can Build A Bridge (1994) Autobiography

Actress - Films
Someone Like You (2001) - cameo appearance as a make-up artist
Family Tree (1999) - Lead
More American Graffiti (1979) - cameo appearance as a protestor

Actress - Television
Women's Entertainment Television - Host "Between Us" (Current)
The Discovery Channel - Host "Naomi Judd's Best of Nashville" (2001)
The Food Network - Host "Thanksgiving Special" (2000)
"Touched by an Angel" (2000) - playing "Liz" in "Mother's Day"
A Holiday Romance (1999) - Lead
The Family Channel's "Very Personal With Naomi Judd" (1997)
"3rd Rock from the Sun" (1996) - playing "Francis Randall" in "Father Knows Dick"
"The Client" (1995) - playing a psychiatrist in "Damn Yankees"
Rio Diablo (1993) - starring role as Flora Mae Pepper
"Sisters" (1991) - cameo appearance in "Up in the Air"
Living Proof: The Hank Williams Jr. Story (1983) - cameo appearance as a redhead

"Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build A Bridge" (1995) - Executive Producer

As the mother-daughter duo "The Judds," Naomi and Wynonna sold over 20 million albums in their eight year reign. The Judds won five Grammys and were named the Country Music Association's "Duo of the Year" for eight straight years. The pair scored 15 number one hits, and their music is still being played on over 2,400 radio stations across the country. The Judd's Farewell Tour was the top grossing tour of 1991. After kicking off with a reunion concert on New Year's Eve 1999, the duo traveled the country again on their highly anticipated 2000 "Power to Change" tour.


Academy of Country Music Nomination - Vocal Duo of the Year

Academy of Country Music - Top Vocal Duet
Country Music Association - Vocal Duo of the Year
Music City News Awards - Duet of the Year
Grammy - Country Song of the Year - "Love Can Build A Bridge" (Naomi Judd, John Jarvis, Paul Overstreet)

Academy of Country Music - Top Vocal Duet
Music City News Awards - Duet of the Year
Billboard - #5 Top Artisits of the Decade
Country Music Association - Vocal Duo of the Year

Academy of Country Music - Top Vocal Duet
Country Music Association - Vocal Duo of the Year
Gavin - #1 Country Single - "Let Me Tell You About Love"

Performance Magazine Awards - Country Act of the Year
Academy of Country Music - Top Vocal Duet
Music City News Awards - Duet of the Year
International Country Music Awards - Most Popular Duo/Trio
Country Music Association - Vocal Duo of the Year
Grammy - Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal

American Music Awards - Favorite Country Video - "Grandpa"
American Music Awards - Favorite Country Single - "Grandpa"
Grammy - Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal
Academy of Country Music - Top Vocal Duet
Music City News Awards - Duet of the Year
Country Music Association - Vocal Group of the Year
CASHBOX - #1 Country Duet - Albums
CASHBOX - #1 Country Duet - Singles
CASHBOX - #3 Country Album - "Heartland"

Grammy - Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal
Academy of Country Music - Top Vocal Duet
Music City News Awards - Duet of the Year
Billboard - #3 Top Country Artist of the Year
Billboard - #1 Top Country Albums of the Year - "Rockin' With The Rhythm"
Billboard - #4 Top Country Singles of the Year - "Have Mercy"
CASHBOX - #1 Country Duet - Albums
CASHBOX - #1 Country Duet - Singles
CASHBOX - #1 Country Album - "Rockin' With The Rhythm"
CASHBOX - #4 Country Single - "Grandpa"
International Country Music Awards - Most Popular Duo/Trio
International Country Music Awards - Most Promising International Act
International Country Music Awards - Readers' Choice Award
Country Music Association - Vocal Group of the Year

Grammy - Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal
Academy of Country Music - Top Vocal Duet
Academy of Country Music - Song of the Year - "Why Not Me"
Music City News Awards - Duet of the Year
Music City News Awards - Star of Tomorrow
Performance Magazine Awards - Country Break Out Award
Performance Magazine Awards - Star of Tomorrow
Billboard - Top Country Singles Duo
Billboard - Top Country Albums Duo
Billboard - Top New Country Artists - Albums
Billboard - Top New Country Artists - Singles
CASHBOX - #1 Country Duet - Albums
CASHBOX - #1 Country Duet - Singles
Country Music Association - Vocal Group of the Year
Country Music Association - Single of the Year - "Why Not Me"

Performance Magazine Awards - Rookie of the Year
Performance Magazine Awards - Country Break Out Award
Country Music Association - Horizon Award

General Awards and Honors
Naomi has been the featured speaker at the National Summit on Hepatitis, Women's World Peace Initiative, Healthy Women 2000 and many other events.

Naomi donates her time to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She currently serves on the National Advisory Board. She was the 1998 chairwoman of MADD's largest public awareness program to fight drunk driving, "Tie One On For Safety." The annual campaign, sponsored by Allstate Insurance and Precision Tune Auto Care, encourages motorists to tie a MADD ribbon to their vehicle as a pledge to drive safe and sober during the holidays and year-round.

Naomi is a spokesperson for Make-A-Difference Day, a national volunteering drive sponsored by USA Weekend. Last year, one million Americans participated in the day by sponsoring volunteering in their communities.

Naomi was honored for her charitable and humanitarian efforts by SHARE, a Los Angeles-based children's organization. The award ceremony itself, where Judd was presented with the "Shining Spirit Award," raised $1.5 million for children's charities.

Naomi is involved in Kids On Stage, a music education program for children in her rural community outside of Nashville.

Naomi and her family raised over 35,000 pounds of non-perishable food last year for Feed The Children and the Appalachia Food Pantry.

Naomi, who founded the Naomi Judd Education and Research Fund for the American Liver Foundation, is continually striving to find a cure for chronic viral hepatitis, which she was diagnosed with in 1990. The disease, which is four times more common than HIV, affects 170 million people worldwide, including an estimated five million Americans.

Since Naomi became the National Spokesperson for the American Liver Foundation in 1991, the organization's annual research support has gone from $200,000 annually to over $1 million last year
Naomi Judd merchandise
Naomi's New Book


*Who are your musical inspirations?

CB - I am inspired by everything around me. When I write, I usually write
from life. I feel that writing from experience makes the songs more personal and relatable to other people. The main musicians that have inspired me are Bjork, Olivia Newton-John and Nico. Very different, I know. It just goes to show that all types of music are accessible to everyone! You can find inspiration every day and it's all around you.

Christa Belle

Hungry Lucy began by chance in 1998 when War-N Harrison (Fishtank No.9) was asked to contribute to a Depeche Mode Tribute. War-N asked vocalist/lyricist Christa Belle to record vocals for the song Blue Dress. The couple found they worked together so well that they began writing together and Hungry Lucy was born. The first fruit of this labor was "Bound in Blood" [now considered a Hungry Lucy classic]. After writing a recording a handful of songs, War-N & Christa decided to put them up on and the emails began to flood in from around the world! Pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback, Hungry Lucy embarked on a full-length CD.

Autumn, 2000 saw the release of Hungry Lucy's debut CD, "Apparitions" that received amazing response worldwide. People really responded to the combination of pop song structures, trip hop grooves and Christa's enchanting vocals and other-worldly lyrics. Hungry Lucy continued exposing themselves very tastefully with a number of compilation and tribute CD appearances. This only fed to fire and Apparitions continued to sell better than ever. Still the fans wanted more. HL delivered with the debut live performance in San Francisco, a licensing deal with Belgian label Alfa Matrix and subsequent European relase of Apparitions:Revisited in Fall of 2001.

Spring and early summer of 2002 found Hungry Lucy on stage in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Cleveland and even out in the Indiana woods! These live performances gave the public a real audio-visual treat with Hungry Lucy's music and accompanying video.

Hungry Lucy spent the last part of 2002 recording their next full length album [a double CD] entitled "Glo". Glo captures all the elements that Hungry Lucy are known for while continuing to explore other genres such as jazz, blues and europop. The album includes a second disc of remixes and reinterpretations of songs from Glo by 10 artists including Claire Voyant, Chandeen, bloodWIRE, Trigger10d, ThouShaltNot and many more. Once again, Alfa Matrix is releasing a European version with different artwork and remixes.

Hungry Lucy plan on making a feature music video and hitting the road in 2003. Look for them in your area and keep an eye on for exciting new developments!


Music is my sanctuary.  Sometimes I'll be running around taking care of a million things, feeling a bit frazzled, and then I'll get a flute and start playing.  I'll close my eyes and let the long tones take me on a journey, and bit by bit my minds slows down, my body calms down... and I'll feel relaxed and dreamy.  This musical journey is my form of meditation and the deepness that I feel during and after playing is to me, healing.  I treasure the silence after I play a meditation.  I stretch it out, prolonging the blissful feeling for me, and for those who I am playing for.  I believe there is a great power in these moments.  A power for healing, a power for prayers, a power for feeling total peace and freedom.

Suzanne Teng, M. Mus., is a flutist, percussionist, dancer, composer, teacher and recording artist from Berkeley, California. She has a master’s degree in music from Boston University’s School for the Arts and has studied with some of the finest flute teachers in the world. She is an award winning classical musician who, after traveling adventures across the globe, furthered her graduate studies at UCLA’s Department of Ethnomusicology, where she completed the coursework for the Ph.D. focusing on music and healing. She is an active performer and recording artist in Los Angeles and was awarded the Independent Music Awards Best New Age Artist in 2001.

Suzanne has recently released MILES BEYOND, the follow up album to her critically acclaimed solo debut recording MYSTIC JOURNEY. Both recordings feature her original compositions with Suzanne playing a large assortment of flutes from around the world along with many master musicians performing on a wide array of ethnic percussion, string and keyboard instruments. A candidate for a Grammy nomination for Best New Age Album of 2000, Mystic Journey received a finalist award as New Age Voice Magazine’s "Best Acoustic Instrumental Album of 1999" and "Best Contemporary World Music Album of 1999." Billboard Magazine wrote "Sensual and Serene…Mystic Journey is an impressive solo debut: and Al Martinez of the Los Angeles Times claims "Suzanne Teng plays music for the soul." The album appears on numerous publication and radio "Top albums of the Year" lists including the Public Radio International nationally syndicated show "Echoes," and is listed by as one of the most requested New Age albums on the radio.

Known for creating soul stirring and healing music, she has been commissioned to compose music for yoga and acupuncture videos, including works for well known yogis Gurmukh and Ana Forrest. She performs in concerts, festivals, and dance/movement/yoga events internationally as a soloist and with her world music band Mystic Journey. They were featured performers at His Holiness the Dala Lama’s World Festival of Sacred Music and were selected to be featured on the festival’s compilation recording and have represented the United States at International festivals in Veracruz, Mexico and Singapore. Suzanne has performed her flute meditations at numerous major events with spiritual leaders and writers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Mathew Whyte, Amachi, as well as for the corporate leaders of Mexico and the US. She has also been a featured performer at the National Flute Association Conventions three times.

She has worked with a wide variety of artists and ensembles including the Boston Philharmnonic, Los Angelels Pops Orchestra, Tito Puente, Kenny Loggins, Babatundi Olatunji, Airto and Flora Purim, and The Dramatics. She has performed for numerous heads of state, including Henry Kissinger, and has appeared on the same venues as Sting, Jackson Browne, Patty Smythe, Colin Hay and Jody Watley.

Suzanne has performed on hundreds of recordings for Polygram, Warner Brothers, Windham Hill, BMG, Shanachi, Scottie Brothers, and numerous independent labels. Film, television and commercial performance credits include "Pepsi," "Johnnie Walker," "California Tan," "Murder She Wrote," "Big Bully (Tom Arnold), "Separate Lives (Jim Belushi, Linda Hamilton), "Baby" (Farrah Fawcett), "Green Dragon" (Patrick Swayze, Forest Whitaker), The Grey Zone, The Kid Stays in the Picture (Robert Evans), Ice Bound (Susan Sarandon) numerous independent and foreign films, commercials for India, Germany, Korea and Mexico, and an Environmental PSA with music by Hans Zimmer. She has appeared on national television, including a musical performance on the Survivor II final episode which was viewed by over 40 million people. Her music has been heard on countless radio programs worldwide (ranking #3 on the New Age charts) and has been featured on Public Radio International three times.

She is an endorsed artist for Yamaha, AKG and High Spirit Flutes and is a popular teacher, having taught flute, percussion and world music to many hundreds of students at schools, colleges, camps and workshops throughout the country. She co-facilitates retreats, guiding music circles, most recently in Hawaii and Guatemala. She has practiced yoga for over 18 years, loves traveling, gardening, and hiking and has summitted 19,000’ peaks in the Himalayas. She lives in Topanga with her husband and musical partner Gilbert Levy and their son Miles.

MYSTIC JOURNEY is the both the name of Suzanne’s world music band and her debut solo CD. The band has evolved over the years and with the help of her partner Gilbert, has developed into an internationally known ensemble. Their music can be heard on radio stations in faraway lands such as Belarus, Russia and Saipan. Based in Los Angeles, they have developed a large following and perform at a variety of venues ranging from the large outdoor festival where their audiences are known to fall into beautiful spontaneous group dances, to the more formal concert hall or theater setting to the even more intimate setting...a yoga center or even a special ceremony on a hilltop. Because their music creates a magical space for deep listening as well as joyful celebration, they are often invited to perform at major events benefiting numerous social, environmental or spiritual causes. (A partial list of such sponsors follows the bio.) Their shows have incorporated a number of prominent performers such as dumbek master Souhail Kaspar from Lebanon, Prince Diabate, a kora master from Guinea, West Africa, numerous belly dance troupes, a modern dance troupe and even a children’s choir. Along with Suzanne and Gilbert, Mystic Journey’s core members are string bassist Barry Newton who has played with a variety of noted musicians and ensembles such as Peter Erskine, the NY Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and multi-string instrumentalist and composer Fritz Heede.

Their CD has received wide critical acclaim: "Sensual and Serene...Mystic Journey is an impressive debut." - BILLBOARD MAGAZINE; "Classically trained virtuoso...immediate pop accessibility."-YOGA JOURNAL; "Suzanne plays music for the soul." - LA TIMES; "One of the sweetest flute albums to come along in a while." - NEW AGE MAGAZINE; "Sweet, ethereal musical journey...orchestrated by Teng’s delightful flute performances and the joy that emanates from her soul when she plays." - MUSIC CONNECTION; "Teng’s chops are fluid and lithe, and the accompanists seamlessly augment her musical messages." - RHYTHM MAGAZINE; "Mystic Journey delivers the goods." - WHOLE LIFE TIMES; "Teng has made a rarity: a record that withstands close listening and can be a calming influence in the midst of a hectic day." - BOSTONIA MAGAZINE; "This artist is obviously award of the healing power of music." - MOUNT SHASTA MAGAZINE.

Although an independent debut release, Mystic Journey has received notable attention and was a candidate for a Grammy nomination this year for best New Age Album of 2000. The album reached Number 6 on the New Age radio charts and was a finalist in the prestigious New Age Voice Music Awards for "Best Acoustic Instrumental Album" and "Best Contemporary World Music Album." Suzanne & Mystic Journey have been featured on numerous radio and television specials such as the Public Radio International syndicated show ‘Echoes’ ( which also named Mystic Journey to be one of the top 25 albums of the year. It was also named one of the top 10 World Music albums of 2000 by Backroads Music ( But perhaps their greatest recent victory was to be awarded the Independent Music Awards Best New Age Artist of 2000 


* How has music inspired you?
* Your musical inspirations?
* Any CD’s or songs which are meaningful to you?
* Has music helped you through a difficult or traumatic time in your life?

To me, these questions are nearly one and the same, and the answer, I think,
is ever shifting and gloriously incommunicable. But I’ll try to use some
words to describe this.

Music is images. Melodies are reactions that I adopt and wear. Sometimes an
ascension gives me a little hope, while a thunderous chorus gives me a lot
of strength. I borrow music and carry it for however long I need it.
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, for example, provides a kind of private
nourishment that no human contact can provide. Sometimes with music I
celebrate the good, the beautiful and the joyous, while sometimes with music
I proudly mourn defeat, loss, and hopelessness. I couldn’t say that music
has helped me through a difficult time in my life. I would say that life is
difficult, and music describes, laments, resists or overpowers life’s

Music, when it happens, manipulates my life. If I could understand or locate
the source of its control, then its immense power would be lost. I think
ultimately that music (and all art) touches truth. That is its job. And to
touch truth, we seek out the art that is most intimate with truth. Yes,
truth, I believe, is the real force, the great general that’s more
commanding than music. Music, I think, can be replaced by many other
expressions without diminishing the power of the expression. That is,
through a kiss or a sigh or a look, immeasurable truth can billow forth and
fill a room, a house, a heart, a mind or a life with bountiful beauty,
sadness, madness, etc.

In the end, music is my outer body twin. I wish I were one with the world,
but I’m not. I’m stuck in my head, stuck in this skin, stuck in isolation.
Music floats without fear or favor in the air around me. To it, I can fasten
myself and wing the world, leave my shell, travel, sing, dance, be bold, be
spectacular, be otherworldly… be anything but stranded in a world that makes
less sense by the minute.
Eric Metzgar CD page


Music is the one thing that has kept me grounded and focused my entire life.  Without it, I know that there would always be something missing and I would never feel complete.
Life, nature and most of all, human behavior are my inspirations.  My complete fascination with a species that likes to be considered advanced, yet behaves as a bottom feeder.  We approach most aspects of life with a completely myopic, destructive, poorly thought out plan.  And so, we are here.
Songwriting is best when there is no system or design to it.  It just happens, and is allowed to do so.  When you question yourself during the process, it is ruined.  Simply go all out and afterward, decide if it is worthy of sharing. 

With origins in Memphis, Tennessee Hyaline in its present form came to life in Los Angeles in January of 2001. The first few months were spent in the studio recording two full length CDs, engineered and mixed by Colin "Dog" Mitchell (worked with No Doubt on "Return of Saturn", "Beacon Street Collection", and "Tragic Kingdom" and Neil Diamond's "Three Chord Opera") and mastered by Bernie Becker (recording, mixing and mastering engineer for Neil Diamond). The first, self-titled release on NicePear Records is available online and in local Los Angeles record stores.

Hyaline combines the sounds of guttural guitars, spine-vibrating bass, and driving drum rhythms with the haunting tones of violin, flute, and operatic vocals, the blending of which gives Hyaline a signature sound that has been described as "a hypnotic and tribal soundscape with a heavy edge." Combining hard rock influences with World music instrumentation proved to be a wise investment and resulted in a completely different sound.

Hyaline consists of three men and two women. The men of Hyaline (Danny Timko, Dan Fowler, and Aaron Broughton) bring the metal and punk influences that build the foundation of the band's compositions. These three have played, recorded, and toured together with a variety of bands. Although these bands received label recognition, it wasn't until the three's provident union with the women of Hyaline that the music in their minds began to take shape and has now become what is described as some of the industry's more "intelligent" rock music.

The women of Hyaline (Andrea Kirazian and Kim Dahle) bring a rich background of classical training and sound experimentation, a soaring combination that takes Hyaline beyond the boundaries of modern rock. It is an edgy and beautiful mix that at one moment brings out the "urge deep inside to mosh" and the next moment finds you "...seduced by the sensual sound of a Siren's song."

After playing to a packed house for their CD release party at the Roxy on Sunset, Hyaline has continued to build an impressive following throughout California from San Diego to San Francisco. Production of their second release "Schema" has just been completed and set for release in early Spring. Video production has also begun for their songs "Generation Now" and "In the Trees". The band's music was recently featured on a "making of" DVD for the Adidas commercial "Mechanical Legs", directed by David Fincher (director of "Seven" and "Fight Club").

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