Nights in Atlantis courtesy of Anna Sea

This website was born out of an intense passion for music. Music has always been a form of therapy, and my path to healing. For me, the song “Edge of 17 ” by Stevie Nicks was the “space that I enclosed myself within” when I was 16. It was a literal song, about being thrust into a chaotic storm from which there is no escape, experiencing death, and living with the overwhelming pain and guilt of not being able to have saved that person, but then somehow--finally finding a way out of the darkness.  Edge of 17 was my song of survival.

This website contains stories/interviews from the creative artists that touch our lives. They discuss their passion for music, and how it has affected and inspired them.

Thanks to all of the talented people who have contributed to this website.

Extra thanks, gratitude, and love to Terami Hirsch-who has been another inspirational force in my life.  She has provided the motivation behind the websites, and given a lot of her time & energy to helping me out.  These websites would have never been possible without her-
Thank You--Terami!

And Alice Marie, thank you for your wit & wisdom, you are a guiding light, and I am fortunate to call you my friend/teacher.


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