* Your musical inspirations?
 Bands like Over The Rhine, David Wilcox, U2, Jonatha Brooke. I used to be into the hair metal bands back in the early 90's. I was at a summer music festival and a friend of mine met a girl. We were going to meet up with her later and she said she would be at the Over The Rhine concert. Well, we showed up looking for her, and then the band started playing. I was immediately entranced. I didn't care about anything else at that moment. I guess you can call it love at first sight. I've never listened to music with that much emotional depth before. THey changed the way I listened to music. 

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

"I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt is one of the best songs I ever heard.

* Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

Yes, it has offered comfort, assurance and peace in rough times. 


Originally from Chicago, David Thiele moved to L.A in 2003 to pursue his music career. In a short amount of time he has achieved more than what most bands take years to accomplish. He released his self produced debut album "The Opening Act", and was selected to participate in ASCAP's "Lester Sill Songwriting Workshop". David's heartfelt voice blended with seasoned songwriting, and memorable melodies won him "Best Unsigned Artist" in the Sound Moves Audio Contest 2004. He's had his music placed on TV in CBS's "Cold Case" and the WB's "High School Reunion". David was also one of the top 16 artists in the Disc Makers Independent Music World Series West and has been included on the "West Coast Heavy Hitters" CD Compilation by Disc Makers. Just recently David was runner-up in the International Acoustic Music Awards 2005 for Best Male Artist. Most recently, David has been named one of L.A.'s top 100 Unsigned Artists in Music Connection Magazine.

For more information, you can contact David Thiele through his website,


Your musical inspirations?

People, love, sex, and the mystery of it all.



Ginny Clee releases her first solo album, ‘Hold On Tight’ (Sore Thumb STR-CD2) in late Spring 2005. Formerly one half of The Dear Janes, Ginny has spent the last few years working on this, her first solo album. ‘Hold On Tight’, is a collection of witty, wry, melancholic songs predominantly co-written with her regular writing partner Pete Smith. The album also features her version of the Blind Willie Johnson number ‘God Don’t Never Change’, which she first recorded for a compilation CD called ‘Dark Was The Night’, a collection of his songs by various artists and is featured in the British film Driving Lessons due for release later this year, starring Julie Walters and Laura Linney.

The wicked humour within Ginny’s lyrics is matched only by her ability to make a grown man cry; there’s something heartrending in her gentle vibrato and delicately husky cry. It is little wonder, therefore that the likes of Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock and Ian McLagan have been seduced into sharing either stage or studio with her.

Ginny herself says: “I‘m actually a very happy person who had an unfashionably happy childhood - but I prefer sad songs, always have. I love a good weep at a tortured tale. I have a deep empathy with sadness and over the years I seem to have become a raconteur of other peoples misery.”

With ‘Hold On Tight’, her self-produced first solo album, the former Dear Jane beguiles performances from Guy Evans (Van der Graaf Generator), Giles Perring (Echo City, Fad Gadget), Simon Edwards (Talk Talk, Beth Gibbons, Billy Bragg), Ben Mandelson (3 Mustaphas 3) the house of Roy Dodds (Fairground Attraction) and a dog named Elmore.

These willing victims create the landscape in which her songs flourish and bloom. These are songs that continue a tradition that has drawn Syd Straw to co-write and Emmylou Harris to sing her work.


* Your musical inspirations?

I am inspired by anything musical. Whether it's my taste in music or not, every single song I hear impacts me in some way. I'm especially moved by the indie scene. People who aren't afraid to create what they want to are amazing! I've recently been introduced to chamber pop and it's fascinating the way that these musicians compose around instruments that aren't your typical instruments. This day and age I think that a lot of people have a one-track mind when it comes to music and when something is categorized outside of that track, they deem it as 'weird' or 'strange.' But it's great to hear such diversity these days. I've always been fond of the piano, but listening to people who compose using the cello, violin, banjo, or even just a drum kit, inspire me. My basement will one day be filled with many, many instruments.

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

My favorite musicians, in no particular order: Tori Amos, Sarah Slean, Rachael Yamagata, Weezer, Sia, Radiohead, Michelle Cross, Charlotte Martin, Chopin, Ben Folds Five, Mozart, Kate Bush, Fiona Apple, A Girl Called Eddy, Laura Veirs, Terami Hirsch, Elly K., Our Lady Peace, Jack Johnson, Final Fantasy, Erik Satie, Chantal Kreviazuk, Sia, Regina Spektor, Lindi, Josh Ritter, Andrea Revel, Jorane, Libbie Schrader, Rachmaninoff, Ann Vriend, New Buffalo, Royal Wood, Sarah Harmer, Feist, William Shatner, Amelie Les Crayons, Hawksley Workman, Leah Andreone, Jeff Buckley, Julie Doiron, and Patrick Wolf.

* Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

I can't say that I'm a person who has gone through a lot of difficult times throughout life, but it is definitely something that I turn to when I feel alone or depressed. My piano is something that I picked up when I was feeling alone ... I had words that I wanted to say and the piano helped that. Songwriting has also helped me express things that I wouldn't normally say outloud to people - or emotions that I can't express in any other way. I've always found that listening to music has always made me feel very uplifted and it helps me cope with situations of every kind.

* Your thoughts on the connection between music and healing--

I think music is very healing. Music is the universal language - everyone knows music. Whether it be a pop song, a lullaby, or a chant, everybody can relate. I think that's why music has always been so successful when brought into hospitals. It's such a soothing pleasure, to listen to music. It brings peace to the soul and peace to the mind. It's helped me heal through broken relationships and the turbulance of life, I'm sure it has helped others as well.

Born and raised outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Kristilyn Robertson, 23, is not one of those piano-songwriters who has been playing since she was young: "I'd like to say that I was a prodigy, playing and writing since I was out of the womb, but that's not the case." It wasn't until the tender age of 17, while a senior in high school, that she finally got the bug to create music: "I first heard Tori [Amos] in 1995 and I wanted to do what she did. I thought it was so cool that someone could be so passionate about something" (This Week, 2002).

For 2 years, Kristilyn trudged her way through Royal Conservatory exams, playing the classical repertoire of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Brahms. After high school, she was accepted to the International Music Academy at the Alberta College Conservatory of Music, in Edmonton, where she studied piano, voice, harmony, and music history, with such professors as Henry Mokken, Geraldine Hawthorne, ad Miriam Mahood. While attending, she began to write music (a former poet, her words eventually lent themselves to melody). "I was such a prolific writer at first. Everything got recorded in my basement through my karaoke machine. I never really thought that I would ever go onstage or into a studio to record."

In 2000, Kristilyn began an undergraduate degree at Concordia University of Alberta. Still taking piano lessons, and later handbells, she continued to focus her talents on music theory and history, and also took classes in piano pedagogy and elementary music, choral methods, music arrangement, and composition. During her stay at Concordia University, the performance and recording aspects had made themselves reality: Kristilyn recorded a CD of original music, entitled The Uncut Version, for her music capstone project with local studio man Tim Senger. The CD came out in early April of 2003 and Kristilyn was kept busy with performances around campus to promote the disc: "This project has been such a huge task, but in the end it'll definitely be worth it. It's my little creation and I can't wait to share it with the world." (March, 2003)

In her fourth year of university, Kristilyn began to take private composition lessons with Dr. John Hooper. Within that year, Kristilyn composed several pieces, including a composition entitled Rondo, for handbells, which was immediately performed by the Concordia Ringers on their spring tour and, later, at the music department's year-end ensembles concert. She is currently working on pieces for her next album, along with composing for handbells and other mediums.



Musical inspirations:



Born on tour of 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in Exeter, England, his career began eleven years later in film and television. Aged fourteen, he won a Venice Film festival award for Daylight Robbery, since then he has appeared in countless TV and film productions including Minder, (just released on DVD in 2002) and East Enders.

At Sixteen he was a teenage pin up star, featured on front covers of sixties magazine Fab 208. Darryl then began his rock and roll activities drumming for 'Krayon Angels' a group managed by Emperor Rosko. This led to Darryl to then forming in 1969 with Jess Hector (the Gorillas), the first British punk group Crushed Butler, (acclaimed recently in the Record Collector by Mark Paytress but not at the time, check Dig the fuzz release 'Uncrushed' DIG 029B). Later Darryl became lead vocalist/song writer and guitarist, after a lead part as Keith Richards in the premier Edinburgh Festival production of 'Let the Good Stones Roll', combining acting and music. This was followed by a premier Royal Shakespeare Company production, of Bastard Angel, written by Barry Keefe, based loosely on the Kinks.

A gig in a punk club called 'Ex und Pop' in Berlin, led to numerous concerts on the underground club circuit, and an album of his compositions released in Germany, leading to headlining gigs to large audiences. Echo Music in Berlin produced Darryl's first single 'Play With Fire'/'Trouble In The House Of Love' (the latter a Darryl Read composition), both have remained punk/Goth underground classics.

Echo/Hansa flew in Paul Thompson of Roxy Music to drum with Darryl on sessions before they returned to London, for recording sessions with German keyboard player Volker Janssen, of Spear of Destiny fame. The 12-inch single, 'No Soul Through Midnight' was released with a hard core promo film (Director Darryl Read - 16mm B/W) entitled 'No Place' (available now on VHS), which were well received in the Hollywood's underground, very ahead of Tarrantino.

By this time resident in Hollywood, Darryl produced the album/CD 'Book of the Dead', co-written with Terence James Stamp ('Third World War'). Hanging out in Hollywood, Darryl met up with 'Beachy', drummer and bandleader of 'The Mighty Hornets', played with them at every happening club on the strip with Slim Jim of 'The Stray Cats' and Little Steven of 'The E-Street band' jamming on many sessions. This led to the recording of 'Beat Existentialist' CD album with 'The Hornets', containing original material written by Darryl and Terry, recorded in 1991, which also features Ray Manzarek of The Doors on three tracks.

Darryl jammed with John Entwistle of 'The Who' at L.A.'s then famous China Club, which was also recorded on video. In 1993 Darryl won the role of Marc Bolan in a band formed by Miller Anderson and Dino Dines (formerly of T-Rex) creating a live show of Marc's work, which toured the UK. On their last gig, Darryl met Barry Smith, the director of the official Marc Bolan fan club, who now runs Darryl's own fanzine alongside with Barry's Bolan web site. Barry also put Darryl in touch with Bill Legend, the original hit-making drummer of T-Rex, and his band The Nightriders, with whom Darryl worked in the UK and Germany. They also recorded Darryl's next CD 'Teenage Dream', Bernard White formed White Label records for this purpose. This followed by 'Walking in Shadows', a four-track CD released in 1995, 'Gods 'n Angels' a five-track CD in 1996 and the latest CD, 'Colectomatic', an 18-track compilation of Darryl's compositions, all released on Bernard's White Label.

'Book of the Dead' was released late '98 and is a re-issue of the original U.S. release of 1990. There is additional poetry plus previously unreleased title; 'Take a dark Ride' completely repackaged including new photos and booklet. July 3rd '99, marked the release of 'Freshly Dug' Read-Manzarek. Darryl's collaboration with the legendary Ray Manzarek, of the Doors, recorded late March '99, Hollywood, L.A., the tracks were mixed and mastered in London by cool engineer 'Marto', and Darryl's good friend and project cohort, Clive Zone, who had encouraged Darryl's writings.

In early 2000, Darryl finished his book of 55 selected poetry works, with illustrations from the great artist/illustrator George Underwood (Bowie/Bolan illustrator). The 'SET' poetry works can be obtained at, Waterstones or Helter Skelter book shops.
In late 2000 shooting began on a film based on Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd fame, called 'Remember A day' featuring Darryl in the lead roll of Roger Bannerman, directed by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, written by Bernard White, and Darryl, Clive Zone came in to lend a hand with the production.

Just Finished in Feb 2002 is a forthcoming book written by Darryl titled 'Stardom Road', based on his experiences in the acting and Rock 'n' Roll world, spanning from the mid 60's to present day.

Latest news 2002, Remember a Day has received good critical acclaim in Berlin, where it played in two festival's and two underground Kino's, the film also did well in London at its Camden town premier where 275 hard core punters turned out for the event. The film is currently being marketed for DVD and VHS release, and is distributed independently at this time by Madstar Films Ltd. RAD, has already gained the reputation of being a cult piece, featuring a heavyweight cast including Zoot Money and Jamie Foreman.

Throughout 2001, Darryl played several concerts in Berlin, including the Berlin Opera house. In Berlin he promoted 'Remember A Day', which Tip Magazine featured recently in a half page spread article.
Jan 2002, Dave Goodman ('Sex Pistols' first producer) and Darryl finished their collaboration project, on Darryl's soon to be released album CD Titled 'Shaved'. Release of this product is 1st of March 2002, signed copies and info, can be obtained from merchandising at
mailto:info@darrylread.com?subject='Shaved' CD album.

In March 2003 'Remember A Day' was released on DVD and Darryl continues to promote the film at showings. In May 2003 Darryl's 'The Kreuzberg Hustle' promo B/W film was shot and will be available in July 2002 from http://www.e-punk.de/ or Info@darrylread.com

Darryl is currently into four chapters of his new book 'The Angel Of Dust', along with Concerts and poetry reading dates in Europe and the USA . 'Stardom Road' his biog/novel is set to be out around December 2003/January2004.

Update* January 2005 'Stardom Road' has been out and about, for nearly a year: and is doing very nicely. In mid -January, Darryl visited New York City: played a couple of low-key gigs ands set up some poetry readings.

Whilst struggling to find time to complete 'The Angel Of Dust' (to be released soon!), he is planning more work in NYC, Berlin, Portugal and Spain. New works in process are: Poetry book 2, solo CD album, poetry CD album and a film project.

Towards the end of 2005, marked a first in Darryl's career - both Freshly Dug and Crushed Butler UNCRUSHED were re-released on the same day - 26th of October 2005, on Cherry Red labels - Lemon and RPM for the UK.

Update* 17th of December 2005.
Darryl recently Collaborated with Spanish House Group: The Doctors, the recording is under a new genre - Poet House - the 12inch vinyl recording of Darryl's Poem: Maybe I'ts Good If You Look At It Twice - will be released in Spain and worldwide in January 2006 - on Deep Bass Records Spain. Darryl is currently finishing off a screenplay for MADSTAR FILMS LTD, and continues to play selected concerts both solo and with his group: BEAT EXISTENTIALISTS.

Enough to get on with for a while!

Biography originally compiled by Clive Zone and Jim Ryder Feb 2002.

*Up-dated by Clive Zone 17th of December 2005


Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

Bobby Womack, Teddy Pendergrass, Al Green


Ghetto Revelations: II

Dynamic, multi-dimensional, powerful and undeniable – those are the words that come to mind when experiencing the super-talent of emerging hip-hop soul singer URBAN MYSTIC. His deep, brawny voice carries you over soulful instrumentation, filled with hip-hop flavor. What Urban Mystic creates for his listeners are his ghetto revelations; a journey with ups and downs, love lost and love gained, struggles and strides. A journey shared through amazing talent and song, to be heard for years to come.

Urban Mystic, born Brandon Williams in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1984, the son of a minister, has made a lasting musical impression in a relatively short period of time. He’s been heralded not only by his fans, but also by respected publications such as USA Today (3 out of 4 stars) and Billboard, to name a few, all of whom tout him as a shining star on the horizon. AOL describes him as “A guy who is street without forsaking his soul to the streets.”

Urban Mystic’s smash hit single, the KayGee-produced “Where Were You?” quickly resonated and became a popular fixture at urban radio, where it is still a recurrent tune. The video which accompanied the song enjoyed its own popularity at BET and MTV Jams, as well as at hundreds of video outlets across the country, assisting in establishing Urban Mystic as a vocalist to be reckoned with. His selection as the 2004 Miami Music Award’s “Best New Artist” was early proof of the bright future to come for the young, well-versed crooner.

This spring, 2006 will unveil the second chapter in the growing success of Urban Mystic, with the release of his sophomore CD, “Ghetto Revelations: II.” The new album leads off with the single “It’s You” which pairs Urban Mystic with hit making producer KayGee. The tune caught the attention of “The People’s Champ,” Paul Wall, who quickly reached out to spit on the track. “It’s You” remarkably maintained the #1 spot on Billboard’s R&B Singles chart 7 out of 10 weeks. The cd also contains the hit song “Bounce Wit Me,” a street banger produced by Scott Storch, which features Urban Mystic’s label mate, Miami based rapper, Stack$. Another rapper to throw down on the Urban Mystic musical train is Trick Daddy, who contributes to the song “Let’s Make A Change.” This tune reminds listeners about the state of the world and about the incomparable contributions of Rosa Parks and Dr. King; but, more specifically, it tells us why we all need to make a positive change in the world today. Finally, the Scott Storch gut wrenching produced ballads “I Refuse” and “Your Portrait” take one on a musical ride down lovers’ memory lane.

Urban Mystic’s multidimensional talents reach beyond his raspy, soulful, Southern-style vocals. He co-wrote several songs on this second album, plays piano and utilizes his distinctive rap/sing delivery to his full advantage. He notes, “now that I’ve been introduced on the music scene, I’m looking forward to showing my fans the several sides of me, and giving all of them more to appreciate about me. With part two of my ‘Ghetto Revelations’ musical journey recorded on this album, they will hear R&B, they will hear raw soul, they will get club bangers, and they will experience the real street side of me.”

Those who have witnessed Urban Mystic’s live show can attest to his charismatic, soulful flow, especially when he is accompanied by his eight-piece band. The five musicians and three back-up singers were selected, choreographed and rehearsed by renowned R&B music legend -- and fellow Floridian--Betty Wright. Urban Mystic’s unforgettable performances, opening for songstress Angie Stone, blew audiences away night after night.

Simply put, Urban Mystic is “the truth”…the most distinctive new voice in urban music today…meshing Southern flavor with raw, urban, hip-hop and soul. In the beginning, Urban Mystic was compared to other vocalists, such as K-Ci Hailey, Jaheim and Anthony Hamilton. With his new CD, “Ghetto Revelations: II,” the comparisons will quickly fade away. This album will take his profile to the next level and separate him as a stand-alone, true vocal stylist and an accomplished musician.

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