* Your musical inspirations?

Stevie Wonder, The gap band, Earth Wind and Fire

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

Britney “In the Zone”

Stevie Greatest Hits.

Neyo “In My Own Words”

Michael Jackson “Rock My World”


"This is my life, these are my songs, this is my time and I'm ready," says the rising young pop star Brooke Hogan whose refreshing blend of R&B, pop, and hip-hop make her debut album, Undiscovered, one of the year's most eagerly-awaited new releases.

Although she's only just turned 18, Brooke brings together the seasoned and disciplined assurance of a well-versed performer with the wide-eyed exuberance and excitement of a young woman and artist coming into her own.

As the only daughter of the pro-wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, Brooke grew up in a family familiar with the absurdities of the spotlight and the responsibilities of fame.

As the first artist signed by super-producer Scott Storch (Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot) in his label deal with Sobe Entertainment, Brooke Hogan is taking the next step on a musical and artistic journey that's unmistakably her own with Undiscovered.

"I have had the pleasure of producing some of the biggest artists in the music industry," says Scott Storch on the subject of his label's first signing. "Real knows real. And Brooke Hogan is the real deal. She is an accomplished musician, singer, dancer and actress, crossing four artistic disciplines, which is unheard of in the industry today. This is why I selected Brooke as the first act for my label, Storch Music Company (SMC)."

The first single from Undiscovered, "About Us" featuring Paul Wall, is a sly and knowing comeback to the perils of living in the spotlight and dealing with false media rumors. A video for the dance-flavored hip-hop track was shot in Los Angeles under the direction of Malcolm Jones and executive produced by Dave Meyers, with choreography by Hi Hat. Since the “About Us” premiere, both the single and the video have done incredibly well on the 90 million-member portal MySpace. The single has been streamed over 2,500,000 times and the video has made its way to #1, being played over 750,000 times.

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Brooke grew up inspired by the music that filled the Hogan home. "Our household was full of the Isley Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, disco and Teddy Pendergrass," Brooke remembers. "My mother would play Toni Braxton, Sade, Gloria Estefan and Whitney Houston and I absorbed all of it."

When she was 5, Brooke began studying the piano, later going on to take dance lessons, voice lessons, and cheerleading classes and more. "I wasn't raised with a silver spoon," she admits with a laugh. "I was raised to be resourceful and follow through with everything I set out to do, so that's what I did."

At the age of 10, Brooke took fate -- and the Yellow Pages -- into her own hands as she circled phone numbers and began calling local talent agents. Those calls led to a modeling contract for the budding young star. "I kept telling my parents that I wanted to do this and I begged them to help me," she remembers. "So one day, I slammed the phone book down in front of them and said, 'OK, I don't know how to call these people, but I'm ready.' I think they finally realized I was serious."

She began working up to six hours a day. By the time she'd turned 15, Brooke was rapidly developing her skills as a professional singer, musician and entertainer and had landed numerous high-profile gigs including opening slots on both Hilary Duff's and the Backstreet Boys’ tours and singing at Radio Disney's "Jingle Jam" seasonal spectacular.

She recorded her first single, "Everything To Me," in 2004. According to SoundScan, "Everything To Me," peaked at #1 twice (9/19/04 & 10/10/04) on the Top Single Sales chart. While the track showcased Brooke's multiple influences -- running the gamut from Stevie Wonder to Pink -- it was Brooke's sparkling vocals, effervescent charm, ingénue appeal and undeniable musicality that drove the song to the top of the charts.

That same year, 2004, VH1 broke records when it premiered "Inside (Out): Hulk Hogan Stage Dad," an hour long portrait of family life at the Hogan's. The success of that special led to "Hogan Knows Best," a reality series that chronicles the Hogan's adventures. Brooke's rise to superstardom, under the watchful eye of a loving, but strong willed dad, proved one of the most popular storylines on the show, which delivered the highest ratings in VH1 network history, reaching nearly 90 million viewers per episode.

Shortly after the premiere of her VH1 series, Brooke met producer Scott Storch following a performance at a Miami hot spot. "Scott was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs and said he would like me to record a song of his," she says. "I was on cloud nine."

Storch continued to work with Brooke on new songs and, increasingly inspired by the results, wound up working with her for four months in Miami on what would eventually become Undiscovered. "It was amazing to finally find someone who believed in what I was doing and what I knew was really right for me," she says. "I can see that his heart is in it."

With several songs written by Brooke herself, Undiscovered reveals the heart and essence of the artist who says, "I'm all about having fun and I'm not afraid to try new things. I love this music. It's a dream come true. I worked hard for this. When people hear the album, they will know that I've worked my butt to the bone. I sang all the vocals, all of the harmonies, I played piano and we didn't use Auto-Tune for any of the tracks. This is me, it represents who I am and it's the album that I really wanted to make."

Produced by Scott Storch, Brooke's urban/pop/dance collection features collaborations with some of the top names in contemporary music including Paul Wall (on the album's infectious lead single, "About Us"), Beenie Man, Nox and SoBe artist, Stack$. The album also includes a track written by girl-of-the moment Nelly Furtado.

"I grew up listening to soul music, so I'm all about a groove that you can move your hips to," Brooke offers. "It's sexy and it's fun. I think once people see my personality come through, they will understand what I'm trying to accomplish."

As she begins filming the third season of "Hogan Knows Best," with her debut album ready for release, Brooke Hogan is keeping everything in perspective. "I'm a normal, teen-aged girl and I'm doing what makes me happy," she says. "I bet if you met me, we'd probably be friends."

With the release of Undiscovered, Brooke Hogan and her fans are about to head out on a fresh new musical journey together.


*Your musical inspirations?

I have lot's of inspirations, mostly rock and pop from the 70's, like Led Zepplin, Beatles, Heart, Fleetwood Mac. But also, folk music like James Taylor and Carole King.

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

Basically, I'd say see above. Sgt. Pepper's is one of my favorite records of all time but so is Rumors. Musicians, would be: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Lindsey Buckingham, Nancy Wilson, Randy Rhodes, many guitarists as you can see, since that's my first instrument.

* Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

Oh music has helped me thru many things.. a difficult break up, deaths, loneliness, but also, many happy things too. I think if you're an artist, you have the luckiest job of all; and basically you are never lonely. You can always pick up the guitar and write a song, and it can instantly change your perspective on things....better than any therapy out there!


“… a killer guitarist, but she also happens to be a great singer and songwriter.”
-The Album Network

Janet Robin is not just another female singer/ songwriter with a guitar. From her performances, one gets the sense that she and the guitar are one. Countless reviews have been written to attest to her playing abilities. Janet’s musical roots are grounded by her mentors: Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart) and Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac). It all began with Janet listening to her older brother perform. This inspired her to pick up the guitar at the early age of six and study under the guitar teacher around the corner from her home, Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osborne).

While still in high school, Janet started performing with several popular Los Angeles bands and evolved into a premier guitarist. As her talent progressed so did her playing opportunities, landing a spot in the Lindsey Buckingham Band as one of the featured guitarists on tour and in the studio. Following her tenure with Lindsey, Janet was invited by Meredith Brooks to become a member of Meredith’s touring band and her opening artist.

During this time, when Janet was not on the road, she began developing her solo career. Ever the industrious one, Janet has recorded three albums, “Open the Door”, “Out From Under” and
After The Flood…”. These first three albums have sold over 5,500 copies and Janet has promoted them by performing over 450 shows in the last six years. In the spring of 2006 she heads into the studio to start recording on her fourth album with producers David Bianco (Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub) and Steve Baughman (Eminem, 50 Cent).

Janet’s song placement highlights include: “Say It One More Time,” which was featured in the TV show Felicity and “
Formosa Café” which is on the soundtrack of the film Free Enterprise. “Brownstone from her second album is used in the TV sitcom Good Girls Don’t and the song “Around The Cornerfrom that same album is being used in the DVD release of the TV series Wonderfalls. Janet has taken opportunity to co-write with the likes of Marcy Levy (Eric Clapton, Shakespeare Sister), Maia Sharp (Dixie Chicks, Bonnie Raitt) Anne McCue and Garrison Starr. Her song “Personal Revolution is featured on the Girls Night Out – Love and Life compilation, distributed exclusively through the Target retail chain - which has sold over 35,000 units.

Janet reaches a loyal audience through her constant touring, websites, TV appearances and word-of-mouth. Her artist endorsement with Sennheiser USA, had her featured on their website. Michelle Shocked invited Janet to play guitar on her latest album. Michelle has stated that, “
Janet is one of the best guitarists [she} know in the country… Female or male!”. Other notable artists that Janet has toured, recorded and/or co-written with include:

Clumsy Lovers- Patty Larkin - Michelle Shocked
Catie Curtis- Michelle Malone - The Smithereens
Melissa Etheridge -Anne McCue- Garrison Starr
Melissa Ferrick- Leon Russell -Loudon Wainwright III
Colin Hay- Maia Sharp-  Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart)


* Your musical inspirations?

I wish i could paint, but it wasn't in my favorite painter is Degas.

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

Eck Robertson, Rick Danko

* Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

I would have a difficult time without music.

* Your thoughts on the connection between music and healing-

Music is not is not spiritual. Music is music and that is why I like it.... it is the individual that turns it into something that heals them or sooths them and so on....which can be good...I can only hope. But to me music is music and that is good and that is enough.


Career History (1999-2006)

Paz Lenchantin (born in Argentina, Mar del Plata) came to Los Angeles, California with her family at the age of five. Being that her parents were both concert pianists, she adopted the idea of becoming a musician at a very young age .

Paz Lenchantin has been a founding member of the multi-platinum group, A Perfect Circle since 1999. She contributed to A Perfect Circle’s first album, Mer de Noms (arranging and performing strings, bass guitar, and back-up vocals) and second album "Thirteenth Step" (co-writing the track "Gravity").

Paz later left the group to co-write and perform with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins to form a short-lived band, Zwan.

However, she returned to record strings and piano with A Perfect Circle for their third album eMOTIVe, released 2004 hitting #2 in Billboard 200. She also contributed a solo cover of the song "Hollow" to A Perfect Circle's CD/DVD release, aMOTION. (see REVIEWS)

You will find Paz appearing on Queens of the Stone Age's album, Songs for the Deaf, playing bass on Brightblack Morning Light, as well as fiddle and banjo on the Silver Jews record, Tanglewood Numbers.

Paz has toured with most (if not all) of the bands she has collaborated with, and has been spotted on tour with David Pajo in Papa M, and playing bass with RTX-Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux.


Paz has just released her second album with Entrance "Prayer of Death" ©2006. She also worked for film director Michael Mann on his current film Miami Vice.


* Your musical inspirations?

I'm inspired to write primarily by two things. By listening and experiencing great music by other artists, and by the need to channel out thoughts and feelings, usually influenced by situations of longing or a passion to explore the unknown. When I hear really great music, it immediately sets me in motion to create my own. Some notable influences in my own music include: John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Sigur Ros, Tori Amos, Bjork, Ed Harcourt, Rufus Wainwright and many others...

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?


Distored Lullabies by Ours

50,000 BC by Shudder to Think

Downward is Heavenward by Hum

Take Back The Universe and Give Me Yesterday by Creeper Lagoon

My Sweetheart The Drunk - Jeff Buckley

* Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

Music is my life, so not only has it helped me through difficult times, but it's the entire reason I live life at the end of the day. To be able to experience it and make it is what gives everything meaning.

* Your thoughts on the connection between music and healing-

Music is able to take you places you've never been. It's an amazing sensory experience if you really give it the chance to get to you. Imagine living our lives without it, we sometimes take it for granted I think. There could be a mental connection to healing and music...I think for everyone it would have a different effect. It's very therapeutic for me in a lot of ways.


Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies

It’s not all that uncommon for eager fans to start bands in the hopes of someday connecting with their heroes. In the 60s, mop-topped hordes picked up Rickenbackers with dreams of getting props from John, Paul, George or Ringo. A couple decades later, dreamy brooders invested in synths, black hair dye and loads of eyeliner, and conjured up songs about gothic heartbreak, aiming to strike a chord with Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux. Art inspires art, and tons of brilliant tunes have been written because some musical snippet – a thunderous chorus, a soaring vocal – sparked an unsung songwriter to start creating his or her own epic symphony. But most of the time, no matter how great their talent, those underground heroes never make it out of the basement – let alone make an impression on the folks who’ve inspired them.

Then there’s Daniel Victor. The Windsor-bred and –based savant was born with music in his blood. The son of a local rock celeb and former CBC personality, Daniel grew up playing with mixing boards and faders instead of Lego and Tonka trucks. At age six, he laid down his first mix, shaping guitar riffs and snare lines into the perfect track-by-track balance. In elementary school, while most kids were blowing their allowances on baseball cards and comic books, Daniel was saving up for his weekly visit to the Windsor Woolco, where he and his dad would pick out one coveted cassette tape every week. He got his mind blown by Run-DMC and learned how to sing along to Kenny Rogers records. Before he’d finished kindergarten, Daniel was plinking out piano arpeggios under the watchful eyes of strict nuns at the conservatory, who tried to break him of his love for popular music. Lucky for us, by age 13, after his attempts to mimic the chords of Prince’s When Doves Cry were shot down as trash and nonsense, Daniel finally escaped from the nuns’ stranglehold. He went on to teach himself how to master pretty much any instrument you can name – guitar, bass, drums, organ, strings, E-bow, mellotron – all of which, we should note, he plays on his stunning debut album.

That brings us to almost to the present. Fast forward through years of fronting locally successful, but personally unsatisfying rock bands, crossing the US border to absorb the Detroit music scene, overseeing tons of recordings for everyone from death metal outfits to pop/punk crews, and earning a degree in communications and world views/world religions (which helped shape the profound philosophy that echoes through his songs). Having fallen in love with electronic/ambient music at the tail end of the 90s, Daniel decides to translate his affinity for constructing vivid mood-shifting soundscapes into putting together a ground-breaking recording. Ever the perfectionist, our man realizes that he wants to make an album that people will talk about for decades to come. His brilliant revelation: to create a series of records, each one better than the last, which will feature collaborations with a continuous cast of different artists. The mood, the songwriting, the lyrics and instrumentals will always be orchestrated by Daniel, and the artists will be chosen based not only on his respect for their talent, but also out of his desire to challenge well-known musicians to go beyond the boundaries they’ve set for themselves and try something mindblowingly new.

He dubs this concept NEVERENDING WHITE LIGHTS, a lyric that constantly pops into his head during middle-of-the-night stream-of-consciousness writing sessions. A name that perfectly captures the ghostly, spiritual vibe of Daniel’s songwriting ethos, it stands for life and death and eternity, for the ethereal glow given off by spirits and by stars glimmering through the stratosphere, even after they’ve exploded in stunning supernovas. And now, four arduous years after lighting on this pioneering concept, Daniel is releasing the first volume of his glorious blood-sweat-and-tears project – Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies.

It would be impossible to convey the work and passion that went into creating this record. We could regale you with horror stories of insomnia, major-label fiascos, songs shelved after being honed to a perfect finish, and a 50-pound weight loss. But we won’t. You only need to know two things: first, the breadth of the talent on the album. Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies features an astounding cast of international collaborators: Nick Hexum of 311, Dallas Green of City And Colour, Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace, Jimmy Gnecco of Ours, Sharky Laguana of Creeper Lagoon, Judah Nagler of The Velvet Teen, Scott Anderson of Finger Eleven, Marco DiFelice of SuperGARAGE, and more, doing things you never thought they would. Second, Daniel convinced these individuals to participate in the NEVERENDING WHITE LIGHTS project by himself (contacting most if not all of them through a network of emails, cold calls, and backstage maneuvering), based solely on the strength of his phenomenal musical compositions. That a relatively unknown songwriter-slash-producer, with nary a recorded release to his name, could solicit contributions from this caliber of artist, is a testament to the strength of Daniel’s own talent.

Need more proof? Just listen to the finished product. From the understated resonance of the piano chords that somberly introduce opening track From What I Once Was, in which Daniel’s self-harmonized vocals invite you in to his thoughts, “wrapped up in neverending white lights,” over cascading beats and subtle string swells, to the heart-grabbing quiver in Nick Hexum’s voice in the shambling, heavenly Age Of Consent – which shows a different side of both the New Order classic and of the singer/guitarist best known for 311’s bouncy rap-rock antics, from the low-key programmed beats and angelic backing chorus on Of All The Things You’ve Done Wrong, spacey soul with an antiwar subtext, to the explosive, skittering climax of Liar – a track that showcases one of Raine Maida’s finest and most restrained vocal performances – Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies is a gorgeous, moody masterpiece so expertly written, produced and executed you’ll have a hard time believing it’s Daniel’s first official recorded release.

Beautifully melancholic and painstakingly textured, Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies is an exploration of life, death, and the liminal space between the two that’s as heartfelt as it is philosophical. It’s a powerful debut from Daniel Victor’s NEVERENDING WHITE LIGHTS project that will leave you holding your breath for Act 2.


* Your musical inspirations?

My biggest influences are Sting, Sade, Seal, The Police, U2, Stevie Nicks, Peter Gabriel, Norah Jones, Macy Gray, Shirley Caesar, and Carole King. I love soulful, textured voices and great songwriting. Voices like these have a strong identity and overall "sound". I also love jazz and world music influences. I think Sting, Seal, Sade, and Peter Gabriel do a fantastic job of packaging those influences into a mainstream format. It's such a breath of fresh air and always stands out from the typical pop/rock that is all over the radio today. That is where I draw a lot of my inspiration and have since tried to incorporate atypical instruments like spanish guitar and tabla in a lot of my songs.

* Favorite CD's, songs, or musicians?

Sting- The Soul Cages, Nothing Like The Sun, Dream Of The Blue Turtles

The Police- Synchronicity

U2- Joshua Tree

Stevie Nicks- Timespace

Peter Gabriel -So

Sade- Stronger Than Pride, Diamond Life, Love Deluxe

Seal- Seal 1 &2, Human Being

Carole King- Tapestry

Shirley Caesar- live!

My favorite song of all time is Fortress Around Your Heart by Sting. There are so many details to that song and it has such depth. I love listening to the ride cymbal rhythms on the verses...just amazing. It's incredibly original yet relates to so many people. I think that is the ultimate. To be able to create music that is totally original yet doesn't exclude people in it's taste.

* Has music helped you thru a difficult time in your life?

Definitely. Music has always been the place I go to when times get tough. It is such a gift that way. It feels great to be able to turn a heart wrenching experience into something beautiful that you can treasure forever. My favorite song from my own catalog is called Stolen Love. I wrote it after losing 10 friends in the World Trade Center in 9/11. I was at a friend's funeral and met a woman there who had 2 kids and lost her husband. She was completely hollow. Just vacant. Her kids weren't coming home to a father. in that moment I realized that as upset as I was about losing 10 friends, it did not compare to the agony of losing a soulmate. That was the axis for her world. So I wrote Stolen Love from her perspective. Writing that song helped me heal some of those wounds.

Wendy Starland was discovered by Maceo Parker (sax player for the legendary James Brown), who spotted her at one of his concerts, pulled her onstage and let her wail. She scatted her own improvisational song and received a standing ovation.  Recognizing a great promotional opportunity, fashion diva Donna Karan sponsored a tour where this stunning, talented singer/songwriter played to packed houses and garnered incredible reviews. Wendy is currently sponsored by celebrity clothing line Deesh, who is using her music and image to represent the collection in their 50 million dollar ad campaign (featured on national TV, Teen Vogue, Teen People, Cosmo Girl, Elle Girl, and The New York Times to name a few.)


Wendy’s single, “Dancing With The Sea” is signed to Universal Music and was released on a compilation that includes hit makers such as Norah Jones, Edie Brickell, Shawn Colvin, Katie Melua, Feist, and Renee Olstead. Famed radio promoter, Howard Rosen (Coldplay, Blondie, Bon Jovi), calls it a “surefire hit!” Her song was the first single off the album that has reached #8 on the Billboard Charts in the first 2 weeks. Her single was featured twice on ABC’s signature show, Regis & Kelly, and will be featured in an upcoming movie by Hollywood heavyweight producer, Daniel Bigel. An entire album of dance, reggae, and hip hop remixes will be released internationally on the prestigious dance label, West End Records. Directors Scott Lochmus (Jay Z, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Usher, Korn, Barbara Streisand) and Paul Tee (Black Eyed Peas, Blues Traveler) co-directed the video for the single. Her video is currently airing on MTV, VIVA, TVN and several other TV and radio stations throughout Europe.


Wendy has opened for Shawn Colvin at Summer Stage and Grandmaster Flash at NY’s prestigious Roseland on New Year’s Eve. She opened up twice for Atlantic artist, Lucy Woodward, platinum artists Gavin Degraw and Sean Paul, and headlined this summer with Universal/Verve artist Jonatha Brooke. She has sung back-up for Michael Bolton and appeared with him on CBS’s Early Show. She sang before an audience of 6,000 people on The Intrepid at a benefit to raise money for The Children's Aid Society. The Disney Channel presented her as a featured performer at Miracle on Madison Avenue that exposed her to an audience of 80,000 people. Telemundo is currently producing a TV series on up-and-coming artists and will feature Wendy in a half-hour production based entirely on her career. World famous filmmaker Trilby Macdonald (Museum of Modern Art) is also producing a special on Wendy. Wendy was a featured guest on ‘Voices Among Us’ airing nationwide into millions of homes on MSNBC and RCN, where she was interviewed and sang live. It is also airing on fm radio and is getting 21,000 hits a day on the internet. Wendy was added to playlists at over 30 top radio stations in the US and even more internationally, where she was interviewed and sang live on air. Thousands auditioned, but Wendy was the singer chosen to be featured on Donald Trump’s NBC primetime hit, The Apprentice.


Wendy’s own music has been heard in films such as Swipe (Forrest Whitaker), The Rules (Jerky Boys), Anna’s Thread (Sundance, Cannes), They’re Just My Friends,and Weekend Getaway starring Jill Hennessy from the NBC hit series Crossing Jordan. Her song “Stolen Love,” will be heard in the soon to be released Universal Pictures feature film Living the Lie, starring Cameron Diaz, Jon Bon Jovi and Kathleen Turner.  Her song “Garden of Temptation” is featured in the promo for NBC’s hit series Las Vegas, starring James Caan and Molly Simms. NBC snatched up one of Wendy’s songs again for their new primetime series Hawaii, as well as promoting her with a listening station on their website. 67 Records signed the song to a compilation album that will be released this summer. Backlight Records signed her song “Return” to a compilation that includes artists such as Duncan Sheik. MTV licensed Stolen Love, and VH1 licensed 5 of Wendy’s songs for their programming.


Wendy has written songs for platinum-selling producers and artists in the rap genre for stars such as Wu Tang Clan and Capone of Def Jam’s Capone & Noriega. Her co-written single and video with Def Jam’s Japanese rap star, Butcher, aired on every major TV and radio station throughout Japan including: MTV, MJTV, Inter fm, and Tokyo fm. She has just been signed as the first female producer for Nexxus Entertainment, headed by the top producers from Trackmasters (Ray Don, Frank Nitty and Spanador), which is bringing her more attention and more work. Wendy is currently writing with #1 hit songwriter for Destiny’s Child and Jessica Simpson, Rob Fusari. She is writing for rising R&B star Jessi, and Interscope’s City High.  She is also working with Quincy Jones, who is producing the follow-up to “We Are the World,” set for release on BMG Records. She was featured on platinum band Blink’s latest album which has been nominated for 2 METEOR Awards: “Best Album” and “Best Band.” Wendy was featured on EMI artist Ayumi Aido’s record to be released worldwide this year. She cowrote and sang on 2 singles for British duo, Ror-Shak, who will be released internationally on Koch. After flying into New York from London for her live showcase, multi-Grammy winning producer, Hugh Padgham, calls Wendy’s music simply “Great!” Multi-platinum producer Billy Mann (Jessica Simpson, Backstreet Boys) calls her song “Stolen Love” “Very Powerful!” Wendy is currently working with hit producers Rob Fusari (Destiny’s Child, Jessica Simpson), Chris Young (Seal, Ashlee Simpson), Gary Lyons (The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Celine Dion), Bruce Buchanan (Jewel, Stone Temple Pilots) Andrew Barrett (Irene Cara), Sheldon Steiger (Joss Stone, U2, Jeff Buckley) and legendary agent Jonny Podell (Justin Timberlake, Gavin Degraw.)


Her songwriting skills have been recognized with major awards including two Best Song honors in songwriting competitions judged by such icons as Diane Warren, Babyface, Carol Bayer-Sager, and David Foster. Wendy was the only finalist in an international songwriting contest for the Christina Aguilera/Coca-Cola Summer Olympics advertising campaign, and one of two finalists for Disney's new corporate theme song. Out of thousands of entries, Wendy won “VH1’s Best Emerging Artist” in a contest sponsored by VH1, Daisy Rock Guitars, Bacardi and Step Up Women’s Network. Wendy was chosen as ”Best Emerging Songwriter” by The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame and gave a live performance at their ceremony.


Cityzen Magazine says it best: “Expect to hear more about this phenomenal artist in the years to come. If her track record is any indication, Wendy Starland is going take her trifecta of talent (composing, performing and producing) to the next level very soon.”

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