Nights in Atlantis-courtesy of Anna Sea.

This website was born out of an intense passion for music. Music has always been a form of therapy and my path to healing. 

This website contains stories and articles from the creative artists that touch our lives. They discuss their passion for music, and how it has affected and inspired them.

Thanks to all of the talented people who have contributed to this site.

Extra special thanks, gratitude, and love to
Terami Hirsch.  As always,
you’re my angel. You and your beautiful voice constantly remind
me of  how music heals the spirit & soul, and how words can inspire, motivate, and transform lives. Thank you for all that you’ve given voice, my vision...

And Alice Marie, thank you for your wit & wisdom, you are a guiding light, and I am fortunate to call you my friend/my teacher.

Louisa John-Krol, my love to you-you are an angel.

Michael DeMaria, thank you for your kind & very generous spirit.


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